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I need a Sari for a 7 year old for the 4th March.. help?!

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SleepyJess Tue 21-Feb-06 17:39:35

There is nothing on Ebay.. at least I can't find any.. maybe I am looking for the wrong thing! Does anyone know how/where I can access such a garment... as DD needs to wear a sari to her spring fair with Brownies.

I love saris.. wish I was a brownie!

Can any indian ladies advise me? Or anyone else for that matter?

SJ xx

Dinosaur Tue 21-Feb-06 17:44:16

Are you near East London, SleepyJess - you could get something in Brick Lane?

Kelly1978 Tue 21-Feb-06 17:47:27

How old is she? I don't know for sure, but I don't think kids normally wear saris, I cna't say I've ever seen them. There is a sort of dress thing that looks like a sari, but I can't think what it is called, or you could try a salwar kameez and dupatta? There are soem of those on ebay.

Kelly1978 Tue 21-Feb-06 17:50:18

the dress that girls wear is a Lengha Choli, and it looks similar to a sari, but isn't wrapped like one iykwim.

SleepyJess Tue 21-Feb-06 17:51:27

Not close enough Dino.. I am in Kent. Kelly I was thinking the same thing.. there are lots of saris on Ebay.. but none for girls. (She is 7). I will try the names you mentioned.. thank you.

Kelly1978 Tue 21-Feb-06 17:53:23

i think a sari would be too difficult for a child to manage. It can be spelt lehnga or lengha so it might be worth trying both. Good luck!

SleepyJess Tue 21-Feb-06 17:56:44

Thanks Kelly.. am finding quite a few options.. not much for kids.. and am having to restrain myself.. I love indian clothes..

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Feb-06 18:11:55

you will probably get one in a charity shop depending where you live they alwyas have loads here, I used to have some but |I'm not sure if I've still got them, but I will look

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Feb-06 18:12:31

of course you would have to chop it down as they are alot of farbirc

Tortington Tue 21-Feb-06 18:40:16

ive seen two in local charity shops recently

SleepyJess Tue 21-Feb-06 22:49:17

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Chandra Tue 21-Feb-06 22:53:21

Just get a good length of colourful thin "fluid" fabric and the instructions about how to wrap it around from the internet. It is not that difficult, although you will need lots of security pins to keep it on an active young girl

SleepyJess Tue 21-Feb-06 23:03:41

That's a good idea Chandra.. but I am crap at such things. I need a nice helpful asian lady to do it for me.. but as previously stated, my town is populated by boring English-only people.. sigh...

Chandra Tue 21-Feb-06 23:35:56

You don't have to sew anything (unless you want to be very precise and stick to the detail), I'm not indian so I might be talking rubish, but the two saris I have had were just two good 5m lenghts of fabric, one was beautifully embroidered, the other one was colourful but similar to voile fabric, the trick of them is to wear them correctly, in the past I have found the instructions for the folds and everything in internet.

SofiaAmes Wed 22-Feb-06 07:33:36

Isn't kent fairly close to west london. There are 2 zillion stores in west london that sell them for next to nothing!! I have bought several along the way for my step daughters for £5 or £10. It's worth the adventure of the roadtrip anyway even if you are little far. And the money you will save on fruits and veg will more than make up for the cost of the petrol.

Micku5 Wed 22-Feb-06 08:36:48

Are you anywhere near Gravesend? I'm sure there are a few Indian clothes shops, if not there are a number of shops that sell material that you could use instead.

The other place you could try is Green Street in Forest Gate/Plaistow (near the West Ham Football Ground) There are tons of shops there.


Kelly1978 Wed 22-Feb-06 08:54:35

croydon is closer to kent than west london. I know a laundrette in croydon that sells cheap second hand saris, and the charity shops there might be a possibility. Depends what part of kent though, it's a big county.

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Feb-06 08:55:03

Hi SJ, instructions on how to drape a sari here . You would have to cut an adult one down quite a lot though. Ds's playgroup used to have a child size one so they are available sorry, not v helpful, I know!

SleepyJess Wed 22-Feb-06 12:48:59

Hi all

We are in East Kent (Faversham, near Canterbury) so not close enough to London to make it practical to 'pop' up just for a Brownies function.. .. although I certainly would if we were nearer.

Thanks for all the info.. I think I should be able to use it to produce something appropriate.

SJ x

WideWebWitch Wed 22-Feb-06 12:52:19

Ooh, I've got a friend in Faversham SJ.

cece Wed 22-Feb-06 12:54:10

what about a shalwar kemeese instead, much easier to wear and still 'indian'

SleepyJess Wed 22-Feb-06 13:01:16

Kelly suggested one below Cece.. I am watching one on Ebay that is childsize.. (it is pink and very sweet!) but there is only the ONE it seems. Doesn't seem to be a lot of indian clothing on Ebay.. but indian kids do wear all that great clothing (if not actually saris) don't they? I always notice because I love how they dress

Do you WWW? I wonder if I know her

Kelly1978 Wed 22-Feb-06 13:04:38

How long do you have? Indian ebay would prob have tons, but you would have to wait a few weeks for delivery. I've bought jewellery of there.

cece Wed 22-Feb-06 13:10:14

can you get to west london. I can ask some of the parents at dd's school where they get theirs. Probably Southall I expect!

Kelly1978 Wed 22-Feb-06 13:10:27

jsut realised you said in the title. Not sure if you can get express shipping any quicker than about a fortnight.

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