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Travel cots

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Smellen Tue 21-Feb-06 16:35:22

Has anyone got a Samsonite travel cot, that looks a bit like a mosquito net with a mattress on the bottom? They are supposed to be v light, but are they comfortable for a 4 months old baby to sleep in for a week?

nailpolish Tue 21-Feb-06 16:38:05

we used a travel cot for dd1 when we went on holiday, we bought another mattress because the bottom of the cot was really hard and cold

but we had a mamas and papas one

we bought the mattress from a local independant pram shop, where we had got the cot

im sure its a universal size

if you dont have room for a spare mattress, i would put lots of folded up blankets on the bottom for baby to sleep on

zippitippitoes Tue 21-Feb-06 16:40:06

do you mean the pop up one? I think it might be too small, how big is your baby

nailpolish Tue 21-Feb-06 16:45:11

this one?

sorry didnt realise! my post is useless then

Smellen Tue 21-Feb-06 21:07:30

Nope, the bubble travel cot. See this page:

I think this one might be for babies over 4-5 months.

Any feedback gratefully received

SpikeMomma Tue 21-Feb-06 21:17:14

We got the nomad tent-type one - it is really good and lasts until they are about two. quite pricey, but worth the money if you go away a bit. Ds is 8ms first used at about 5ms and no probs. Really compact fold into sleeping bag type carrier, not half as space taking as other travel cots. Looks cool too, we've got the grey/brown one! Worth the dosh in my opinion. (If you get one DON'T buy it from two left feet what ever you do!)

Chuffed Fri 24-Feb-06 04:01:15

We have the nomad one too, dd has been sleeping in it for just on 5mths (house transitions) and just folding up a blanket from a hotel etc underneath makes it a bit softer underneath.
Great value, she is a tall almost 2yr old and is fine in it.
Great for travelling as they are so small and portable.

hub2dee Fri 24-Feb-06 08:51:25

A friend lent us a Samsonite bubble. I thought it was utter crap - very thin mattress, and I found it took an age to figure out how to set it up. The Nomads have an option of a self-inflating mattress which I imagine is quite good. We bought a Graco travel cot and think it's great. Soon it will do duty as a playpen.

gs Tue 30-May-06 01:39:09

spikemoma did the nomad only last until your little one was 2? supposed to be till age 4 i thought?

gs Tue 30-May-06 01:41:20

also why not to buy from two left feet??

LIZS Tue 30-May-06 08:09:33

There have been so many instances of m'netters nto getting the goods they have paid for from Two Left Feet. Occasionally things go fine but there are regular reports of repeated delayed deliveries even when initially told the goods were in stock at the time of order and even being despatched, lack of communication regarding delays and missed promised deliveries and when frustrated customers have tried to get information regarding their paid-for goods or cancel the order due to non-delivery communication has been poor and refunds very slow in coming until their md is involved. Watchdog and Trading Standards are monitoring complaints about them.

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