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has anyone ever tried a foot spa?

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Rian Wed 03-Dec-03 16:33:41

my mum has mentioned a few times she fancies the idea of a foot spa so I thought it might make a good pressie. are they really any good? i heard they can be very noisy. Can anyone recommend a particular make? thanks a lot!

Northerner Wed 03-Dec-03 16:47:12

I was given a babyliss one last year. It's now in the loft after being used about twice. Didn't do much for me I'm afraid.

fairydust Wed 03-Dec-03 17:11:59

I brought my mil - one two xmas ago and she loves it- we got the one out of woolworths there own make i think £15.00 -and she loves it

Rian Thu 04-Dec-03 23:51:16

Thanks, I hadn't thought of good old woolies - will go and have a look tomorrow

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