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Highchairs (Again!) - speedy replies needed!!!

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Bea Thu 29-Nov-01 11:29:54

hello hello!

with christmas fast approaching (or scream with stress or joy depending on mood!) and a five month baby, you can imagine thta all fammily are chomping at the bits to buy dd something lovely for her first christmas, but as she is an incredibley lucky child, when she was born she was given obscene amounts of pressies, clothes, stuffed toys and the child wants for nothing! So as a vain attempt to avoiding even more mad gifts I have suggested to family to buy her a highchair (from everyone!)

I have read the reviews and previous threads and am still indecisive about what sort of chair to get her!

I recently found a web page with a seemingly great offer for a Graco Neat Seat High Chair Picardie for £29... cut doen from £69

Do you think it's worth it?

I was toying woth the idea of the handysitt, but does this chair work wuith chiars that have curved backs???

Any thoughts appreciated!!!


and quick! this offer runs out in 4 days!!

Pamina Thu 29-Nov-01 12:40:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Joe1 Fri 30-Nov-01 05:23:11

Does anybody know where you can get those cone chairs that you get in Little Chef? Ds has always sat really well in these, bit late for him now but would get one for next time round.

Inky Fri 30-Nov-01 12:09:59

I've got a high chair for 1st and a booster for 2nd dd. Definitely prefer the high chair over the booster. (Dd no. 2 rocks wildly on the booster attached to a big heavy wooden chair - I'm terrified she'll build up enough momentum to go over. God knows what she'd be like of the chair was more lightweight., so I wouldn't recommend a booster for that reason).

The first highchair we had was a Mothercare own, plastic thing. It was enormous and although adjustable in reality we never bothered & it took up half the kitchen. The vinyl seat tore after only 1 month, so luckily we got our money back. In summery although I don't know the high chair you're talking about, if it's plastic/vinyl I'd give it a wide berth too. Plus, you may find that as the child gets a bit older they don't want to go in anything that's like a baby high chair, if you see what I mean. Can it 'grow' with your dd, and so be suitable for a while (& to her look more 'grown-up').

Our replacement was a wooden one - similar to Tripp trapp or whatever it's called, but it's by Baby Dan (or something like that!). I got ours from Tesco direct and am 100% happy with it. Dd is now 3 and still happy to use it, although she will not go in a 'high chair' (ie one that looks like one). It looks smart enough, so it fits in ok with the room and is easy to clean.

Hope this helps.

Honeybunny Fri 30-Nov-01 13:29:47

I bought a "The First Years" reclining seat, which fastens onto any kitchen chair, and it was only £35. My ds has used it from 5months onwards. The chair has three positions, from upright to tilted for younger babies, and has a three point harness and a "between the legs" raised bit to stop them slipping forwards. Its been brilliant. Easy to clean, inoffensive design, light enough to be portable, the list of pros goes on. I've just upgraded to a handysit ds is now 13months) simply to allow more movement at the table and to join us more for meals. He seemed a little cut off from the main table because of the tray on the 1st years chair. Total cost for both £75, an awful lot less than most people pay for those hideous plastic monstrosities that take your house over. And it will be perfect to use again for number two! I bought mine in John Lewis' but they are available in some mail order and internet sites ( being one). I'd also advise that your baby has to be sitting well and very upright for a handysit, and although the advise is 7months, I think this may be a little ambitious. ds was sitting at 5months, but definitely wasn't ready for a handysit until recently. He's not an easy feeder and it wouldn't have supported him enough, or held him still enough to encourage him with tasty morsels. HTH. Happy shopping.

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