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What was the ELC discount code?

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Azure Tue 02-Dec-03 14:06:59

I can't seem to find the message about the ELC discount code - can anyone let me know what it was? Hope it's not too late. Thanks.

popsycal Tue 02-Dec-03 14:16:01


Hulababy Tue 02-Dec-03 14:22:22

Yes, NM1 gives you 20% off. If you spend ver £75 you also get free postage. Delivery is currently 6 days instead of normal 4 due to demand.

Azure Tue 02-Dec-03 14:24:31

Great - thanks a lot!

Azure Tue 02-Dec-03 14:31:56

On no, it doesn't work - must be too late

popsycal Tue 02-Dec-03 14:39:11

it worked on saturday afternoon.
try it is lower case letters - nm1

Azure Tue 02-Dec-03 15:11:32

I phoned them up and managed to place a telephone order using the code - hurrah!

justiner Tue 02-Dec-03 20:19:55

Hey everyone,
Cheeky reminder to click through from the buttons on mumsnet if you're buying from ELC - we get a small commission.
Many, many thanks
Justine, Carrie and Rachel

Hulababy Tue 02-Dec-03 20:24:30

Oh no, didn't know that Sorry - will do next time though.

pupuce Tue 02-Dec-03 22:57:59

Tried - code doesn't work

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