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Replacement bulbs for bunky light.

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Maybee Mon 07-May-12 10:56:21

The bunky light is on the blink. I hope its the bulb. I've searched everywhere online and can't get an exact replacement. It says spearmark PL-C G24q-1 7w/4P on it. I have found some that are a similar shape but with v high voltage and don't want a bulb that heats up. Can anyone shed any light? grin

Seona1973 Mon 07-May-12 16:22:09

does the voltage not refer to the voltage of your electricity in the house i.e. 240v. It is the wattage you need to look at.

Is this what the bulb looks like?

Learning2Dance Wed 26-Dec-12 20:36:58

Hi! I was wondering if you were able to find a replacement Spearmark PL-C G24q-1 7W/4P bulb? I am in exactly the same situation that you were in: the bulb in my son's lamp has burned out and (having searched in several shops and online) I'm unable to find a suitable replacement anywhere. I have found a 10 watt version but am hesitant to use it as the light fitting specifies a 7 watt maximum. Many thanks for any insights you may have!

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