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fancy a sample pack of jelly beans?

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Carameli Mon 13-Feb-06 08:50:54

jelly beans

I was sent this link by a friend, they give away 100 samples a day but only at a certain time it seems.
Tried a couple of times before to be told sorry, but just looked now(8.50am) and it worked so thoguth I would post it here in case anyone else is interested?

Caribbeanqueen Mon 13-Feb-06 08:53:41

Just done it, thanks!

NomDePlume Mon 13-Feb-06 09:01:49

They are gorgeous.

Just out of interest what did you put as you fave/worst flavours ? Me...

FAVE - Tangerine
WORST - Liquorice (neither DH or I can stand hem, they are always left in the pot at the end and go in the bin).

I love the Jelly Belly stands in Selfridges, you can do a pick and mix bag of you fave flavours. Expensive though.

Carameli Mon 13-Feb-06 09:08:31

fave: tutti frutti
worst: jalapeno

NomDePlume Mon 13-Feb-06 09:13:31

Juicy pear are nie too

Root Beer are eurghhhhhh

melsy Mon 13-Feb-06 09:20:42

fave: Toasted marshmellow
suggested flavour : cosmopolitan (because im on ab's right now and cant have alchy and really fancy one!!!!)

Millie1 Tue 14-Feb-06 14:41:11

Great link thanks Carameli ... I've just done it now!

pashmina Tue 14-Feb-06 15:10:58

when do you find out if you have been successful?

Millie1 Tue 14-Feb-06 20:29:36

When you go to the link, if it's a time when they've got the offer 'open' (for want of a better expression/description), it'll give you a page to fill out with name, e-mail address etc etc.

starlover Tue 14-Feb-06 20:38:29

if anyone wants to send me their liquorice jelly belly beans then please do! they are my absolute FAVOURITES! ever! ever!


nutcracker Tue 14-Feb-06 20:49:38

My Dd's were given a years membership to the Jelly Belly bean club last year and have recieved several packs throught the year and extra for birthdays and xmas etc.

I hate jelly beans but it was great watching the expressions on their faces as they tried the different ones.

jambuttie Tue 14-Feb-06 21:22:05

must keep trying on this one

Carameli Wed 15-Feb-06 09:35:44

glad you enjoyed it Millie, sorry to those who keep getting the sory message.
I did a few times and then just got lucky. Keep trying if you are surfing.

Starlover, are you a Finn??? Used to live there and they are the only people I have come across who love love love liquorice so much

jambuttie Wed 15-Feb-06 10:40:27

i still cant get mine I tried at 6am too today

Carameli Wed 15-Feb-06 14:26:41

jambutties I just clicked now and its working

jamiesam Wed 15-Feb-06 14:38:25

Still working....

lou33 Wed 15-Feb-06 14:43:21

just worked for me

TambaTheDragonSlayer Wed 15-Feb-06 14:43:47

still processing...

Carameli Wed 15-Feb-06 14:45:07

glad some others have got it....

Sponge Wed 15-Feb-06 14:52:16

Worked for me.
I love jelly beans and got a jelly bean machine for Xmas so need new supplies.

Carmenere Wed 15-Feb-06 14:54:31

It says it's processing mine does that mean it has worked?

TambaTheDragonSlayer Wed 15-Feb-06 14:56:02

mines been processing for ages...

Carameli Wed 15-Feb-06 14:58:32

think you have to get a thankyou message. why not open the link in a new page and try again but don't cancel that page just in case?

good luck

cathyspam Wed 15-Feb-06 15:00:24

i got mine the other day! Gave them to DH as a valentines pressie

Carameli Wed 15-Feb-06 15:02:49

do you get many in the sample, waiting for mine

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