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amazon - any one know of any discount codes?

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popsycal Sat 29-Nov-03 12:14:04

do they exist for amazon!?
about to try to do a big order...

SenoraPostrophe Sat 29-Nov-03 13:34:14

As far as I know they don't do them because they discount heavily as it is, plus they have to pay affiliates such as Mumsnet.

My only suggestion would be to find a nice charidee / other useful site and go through their link, so at least someone gets a small percentage.

(cagey message in case of terms and conditions. Can you tell? )

hana Sat 29-Nov-03 17:12:51

on their website they offer a introductory £5 off your 'first' order....I've done this a couple of times using different e-mail addresses and different payment cards. Used that a couple of weeks ago, not sure if it still is there or not. They have free delivery over £25 I think?
hope that helps you

popsycal Sat 29-Nov-03 18:37:32

will try to find a charity webste

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