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Love story

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fairydust Fri 28-Nov-03 22:38:06

This christmas we're trying to have a nice relaxin time -

the doors will be closed on christmas and reopened on 5th jan (this is my ideal present for xmas)

dd will have her toys - dh will have his "toys" so i want a nice love story - nothing old fashioned don't mind a bit of raunch.

all responses apreciated in advance.

kayleigh Sat 29-Nov-03 14:52:36

are we talking books, videos or a real live one ? Although a real live one might be a bit difficult with the doors closed - unless Santa is coming down your chimney

Forestfly Sat 29-Nov-03 14:54:40

I'd love a real life one for christmas it would be fantasti

I like this years love, thats a good film

kayleigh Sat 29-Nov-03 14:56:06

Whose in that ForestFly ?

kayleigh Sat 29-Nov-03 14:56:35

God I'll get lynched...I meant who's, obviously !

Forestfly Sat 29-Nov-03 14:58:33

Kathy Burke, thats the only name i remember. Its modern funny and realistic, not hollywood romance, more bitter romance.

kayleigh Sat 29-Nov-03 15:06:00

I think I've seen that - it is the one set around Camden Town or thereabouts ?

For a really good Love Story you can't beat the old b&w films. Bette Davis, Joan Crawford etc...

Forestfly Sat 29-Nov-03 15:11:50

Yes thats the one kayliegh, old films are great but fairy wants raunch!

Gothy Sat 29-Nov-03 16:08:36

Crush is quite good.

fairydust Sat 29-Nov-03 17:35:56

sorry all i want a book

fairydust Sat 29-Nov-03 17:37:50

sorry all i want a book

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