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I want to buy a Jack-in-the-Box!

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Tetley Wed 26-Nov-03 14:17:57

I've been looking out for a nice Jack-in-the-Box for a Christmas pressie for my son (aged 3) for ages now, but no-one seems to do them anymore!

I haven't yet seem one in a shop (except for a soft toy version for a baby). I have have found a couple on the internet, but they're either 2, 3 or 4" square - none of which seem very big to me! I'm sure that when I was a kid they were bigger than that (or am I just sadly reminiscing?).

Has anyone seen any nice Jack-in-the-Boxes anywhere????

Oakmaiden Wed 26-Nov-03 16:36:13

I have just bought one for my daughter - here. It is pricey, but was the only one I could find other than the little wooden ones you mention.

crystaltips Wed 26-Nov-03 16:42:40

Letterbox do them ... and you can have your own name put on them .....

CountessDracula Wed 26-Nov-03 17:29:38

I saw one in the Early Learning centre the other day but cannot vouch for it's niceness or otherwise as didn't really look at it closely.

CountessDracula Wed 26-Nov-03 17:32:39

Or there are loads on ebay here some nice old ones too.

Tetley Thu 27-Nov-03 12:34:52

Thanks so much for the replies. Oakmaiden - that one is lovely - I might have to pass the website details on to his grandparents as a (not very) subtle hint!

There are some great old ones on ebay too - thanks CD! - Can you believe some are £95 though - definately not for a 3 year old to play with!

suzyj Thu 27-Nov-03 12:52:26

I always wondered who bought jack-in-a-boxes! I was very afraid of them as a kid - a mixture of being scared of clowns (which still do bother me)and of toys that make you jump. Now I know!

monkey Thu 27-Nov-03 19:34:04

I got a really nice one - by fisher price I think, & it's shaped like an apple & the 'jack' is a maggot/worm that pops up - honestly, much more attractive than it sounds & to me anyway, more appealing than the traditional wooden box ones. But then I prefer brightly coloured plastic over wooden toys. Classy

popsycal Fri 28-Nov-03 19:11:07

sorry this is a bit late...found this
jack in the box
oops shouting sorry

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