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Fantastic Christmas Present ideas

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Crunchie Mon 24-Nov-03 13:06:39

I just had to tell you all about my amazing idea for Christmas presents this year for all the grannies, friends etc.

I bought some poreclain paints (a small kit for £8) and went to a local shop that do white 'seconds' of china, and got lovely large 'latte mugs' - £1.99 each and voila!

My kids - 4 and 2 - had great fun painting mugs for all and sundry, they did splodges an pictures and names, really great fun. I then cooked them in the oven (you have to wait 24hrs to dry) and they are fantatsic, dishwasher proof presents. And Cheap!!

We went back and got a load of plates (£1.50) so they can do the same for their friends and cousins. Bargain!! They are so excited that they can give these as presents. That's us sorted for the next few years, until everyone has a full set

All I would say is one child per adult is handy so they use a new brush per colour and don't spill the paint.

Zerub Mon 24-Nov-03 13:20:48

Sounds great! 18mo dd hasn't tried paints yet, painting mugs could be a bit optimistic. Will remember for next year.

I've downloaded out some Christmas colouring pictures from the internet, going to print them on card and get her to scribble over them - thats all the relative's Christmas cards sorted. Hmm, maybe she could paint the wrapping paper for me too.

Karen99 Mon 24-Nov-03 13:25:44

Great idea Crunchie - thanks!

Boot1 Mon 24-Nov-03 13:52:00

What a brilliant idea, love to make things, so much more personal and cute with kids drawings.

Crunchie Mon 24-Nov-03 14:18:33

Zerub, get some Christmas sponges, a roll of brown paper and some paint, you will have wrapping paper in an instant!!

udar Mon 24-Nov-03 15:36:39

Buy a roll of wallpaper liner - it is offwhite, thick so the paint doesn't go through and you get about 15 metres for about £4. Fantastic wrapping paper with a nice ribbon even when not painted.

Angeliz Mon 24-Nov-03 15:39:37

oooh i LOVE that idea, where exactly did you get the seconds Crunchie? I would love to let dd make my plates!

Rhubarb Mon 24-Nov-03 16:51:40

There is a site here that specialises in unique Chinese gifts and clothing, with Christmas cards hand-drawn by children in China's orphanages. Every single penny spent on stuff from the site goes towards helping China's orphaned and abandoned children. So you get to send some special and unique pressies AND do your bit for the whole goodwill theme too!

Crunchie Mon 24-Nov-03 22:23:51

Angeliz I got them from a local shop in colchester, but you could use any plain mugs or plates or whatever. Ikea do plain white stuff too that is pretty cheap, check in yellow pages or for china retailers and call up and ask. I don't know where you live, otherwise I could help more. The paints came from a local art shop, they were Pebeo porcelain 150, I got the suppliers details from the Pebeo website (google pebeo or I think it's

popsycal Mon 24-Nov-03 22:29:09

another idea...
baker ross sell tea towels (i know it sounds quite said) that have a little poem on them ds/dd puts their hand print need textile paints tho
all the grannies, great aunts etc will love them!

lou33 Mon 24-Nov-03 23:41:37

We have a cafe near us that does the same sort of thing Crunchie, but it's a lot more expensive.

Crunchie Tue 25-Nov-03 10:30:22

Exactly Lou33, that is where I got the idea from!!! You are paying a fortune for each cup and it takes 2 mins with a 2 yr old to paint!

motherinferior Tue 25-Nov-03 11:34:57

That's brilliant and I shall put it into practice.

Bozza Tue 25-Nov-03 13:18:53

We're doing the making our own wrapping paper thing this year. Can't face paints but have bought some brown paper and some Christmassy stamps from ELC and we (DS and I) are stamping all over each sheet. He loves it.

whitewater Fri 28-Nov-03 18:03:10

Crunchie, fab idea, and so much cheaper than the shops/cafes that do it. Been to Ikea today and stocked up on white mugs and bowls, just need to get the paints now.

One question, for a trying to be more creative person .... how long do you put them in the oven for and at what temperature? I presume very very low? Sorry if I am being a bit thick here.

whitewater Fri 28-Nov-03 18:05:47

Oh, just to add, if anyone feels brave enough to tackle IKEA (although it was lovely and quiet this morning)nice sized bowls £1.00, and mugs 65p. A bargain! And I won't feel too bad if I manage to destroy them in the oven!

codswallop Fri 12-Dec-03 13:13:05

ballon modeling kit for dh - cheaper than an entertainer at parties!

also magic tricks from waitrose

(he doesnt really need much this year you see)

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