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Which bunk beds? Experiences of Parisot Tam Tam/Vista bunk beds from GLTC?

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EvilTwins Mon 17-Jun-13 19:39:23

We have a Parisot Tam Tam and it's excellent. DTDs have been in it for 3 years now and show no sign of getting fed up. They're really sturdy and the shelves are great. They are BIG though- we were considering moving house recently and most of the places we looked at didn't have a room big enough to comfortably accommodate them.

micb11 Mon 17-Jun-13 19:33:47

Do a search on google for Gami Titouan Bunk Bed they are quite pricey but they are really stylish

dsking Mon 11-Mar-13 22:01:05

The Parisot Tam Tam Bunk bed is a very good quality bunk bed which is sturdy and attractive but also a great price. Probably the best value bunk bed in the UK right now! It may be worth looking at the Thuka Trendy bunk bed maybe of interest. Its sturdy and can be chosen which a choice of tent colours. This can also be split into two singles if need at any point!

Good luck

Zhx3 Fri 30-Mar-12 12:56:43

You had to construct yours? I was told that assembly was part of the delivery charge!

Davros Fri 30-Mar-12 12:07:59

We've got the same ones as Zhx3 and they are really good quality. We got them in a wood finish but they will stain them those other colours on the website. It is really sturdy and their service is excellent. The only thing, I wish someone had told me what a PIG a bunk bed is to make!

Zhx3 Wed 14-Mar-12 00:23:52

Great! The slats are very sturdy, and I found the customer service to be very good. I think they come with a 10 year guarantee too (but that might just be the mattresses).

TantieTowie Tue 13-Mar-12 21:05:18

So having had a think, we're probably going to go for your recommendation Zhx3. Thanks for the suggestion! thanks They look great and they can be separated. Now just need to sell DS on the idea...

TantieTowie Tue 13-Mar-12 08:54:43

The separating into two definitely an important point as well - they won't share for ever. Hmm, again.

TantieTowie Tue 13-Mar-12 08:53:49

I like both of those - but the M&S ones are out of stock. Hmm. DS is very set on the Tam Tam beds - and I like the way they look too. I just worry they will look worse for wear quickly. Anyone got them/had them for a few years? What do they look like now?

Zhx3 Mon 12-Mar-12 23:38:30

We got these last year. They're fab, really sturdy - not cheap though...

MadameGazelle Mon 12-Mar-12 22:50:38

Plus the m&s bunks convert into 2 single beds which was a selling point for us as we hope to move to a bigger house soon, giving the DS's their own room without us having to shell out on new beds again grin

MadameGazelle Mon 12-Mar-12 22:48:34

We've got these bunkbeds from M&S, they were delivered and put together for free and they're really sturdy, I'd definitely recommend them. Think we paid £329 in January excluding mattresses,

TantieTowie Mon 12-Mar-12 22:43:08

Ooh, they look good. Thanks.

HomeEcoGnomist Mon 12-Mar-12 22:11:26

Scallywag - v sturdy, quite a big range of furniture, they can be cabin beds or bunk beds.

Not especially cheap, but robust and also look good

TantieTowie Mon 12-Mar-12 22:08:01

Have you got bunk beds that you really love? I'm trying to decide what to get for the DC and would love to find out what's worked for other people.

I really like the look of the Parisot Tam Tam bunk beds (or the very similar looking Vista bunk beds from the GLTC ) but a bit worried that they might not be that sturdy - they seem to be made of chipboard with veneer (have I got that right?) Does anyone have them - how have they lasted?

Also, given that DS is 5 and DD is 1 (planning slightly ahead here), how long is reasonable to expect them to be sharing bunk beds?

Thanks in advance.


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