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Stationery lovers ... psst, over here to share your suppliers.

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travailtotravel Sat 10-Mar-12 22:18:10

I need some new suppliers to support my habit. Where, other than Paperchase and Artbox, can I get notebooks, sticky notes and other supplies that will make you sigh with contentment? I need a fix ...

NoGoodGirlo Wed 14-Mar-12 14:08:58

A stationery addict across the Atlantic here. My local shop is PaperSource. It is the only place I shop where they know my name. For all the Moleskin notebook lovers in the USA they designed a range for Target which, not as gorgeous as the originals but are a fraction of the price.

Tolalola Wed 14-Mar-12 14:29:23

I saw someone upthread mention Scriptum - I love, love, love that shop, and it has completely ruined all other stationery for me damn it. Shame, as you practically need a second mortgage to have a proper indulgent shop in there...

thecarbonaraPan Wed 14-Mar-12 14:39:03

NoGood - they have actual wax sealants in your site. So when you drop a line to your aunty, you can pretend to be a Roman emperor(-ess) proclaiming the granting of freedoms to a whole race of people, when you are just thanking her for your birthday present.

LadyClariceCannockMonty Wed 14-Mar-12 15:03:08

My name is LadyClarice and I am a stationery fetishist.

Too busy to drool over this thread right now, but oh I'll be back ...

KateSpade, those markers! In greys! And 'hues'!
<applies cold compress and collapses onto chaise-longue>

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 15:04:42

Oh LeQueen you are too soft on those girls. grin

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 15:06:42

Actually, the pencil case discussion reminds me shamefully of a time I went to the Tate to catch a relatively small exhibition and spent longer fondling to goodies in the gift shop that I did looking at the art. And yes, since you ask, I did need a big chunky triangular wood pencil.

NoGoodGirlo Wed 14-Mar-12 15:28:43

Yes, Carbonara I actually own one - never used it but it looks gorgeous. My very favourite thing is my envelope template. You can use any piece of paper or photo to line an envelope. It takes seconds but looks brilliant.

Tiddlyompompom Wed 14-Mar-12 16:02:05

Posting and running, but I was given some Fraser & Parsley personalised notecards for Xmas, very cool, came in a pretty beribboned box and everything! Don't know how to do links, but here it is:

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 16:18:46

My name is Sanuk and I have a Secret Stationary Stash

I am very particular about pens, as I am left-handed and write (as a former client once told me) 'like a left-handed boy'. I need a smooth write that I don't need to press down too hard on, and which preferably won't smudge all over my hands.

I like Selfridges Stationary Hall. I daren't go into Liberty's - it would get messy.

I like rollerball pens, and am most upset that I seem to have recently lost 2 lovely Cross silver ones.

I also like notebooks, and have deliberately chosen a career where note-taking and notebooks is ALL IMPORTANT. I don't think I could show my face at an industry gathering without at least one Moleskin notebook in my bag. I currently have at least 4 on the go - all with a different defined purpose. Then there's my paper diary.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:28:23

My not very secret stationery guilty pleasure is Costco. Today I have acquired a set of sharpie pens in every imaginable colour (we are talking 2 shades of pink here, not just red/green/blue/black), some reversible wrapping paper and 200m of gorgeous wide ribbon (I know wrapping stuff isn't strictly stationery, but it is one and the same fetish enthusiasm for me).

As for pencil cases, DS spurns all shop-bought ones and allows me to makes me make him them to order. His current one matches the school bag I made him and has appliqued dragons on it grin

evilgiraffe Wed 14-Mar-12 16:41:40

Oh my god, this thread is wonderful.

<marks place>

SlightlyJaded Wed 14-Mar-12 16:44:49

NoGood I need an envelope template maker. It is a thing of delight and I can spend hours lining envelopes instead of doing the ironing

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 16:50:47

Sharpies in two shades of pink? <hyperventilates>

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:55:17

"Paper Source does not currently ship to international overseas locations"


stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 16:56:14

Sanuk I would describe the colour range in full but they are currently hiding in the back of my car.

Astronaut79 Wed 14-Mar-12 17:30:53

Can't wait to go back to work after mat leave. FOrget new work clothes, new pens, pencil case and a whopping great notebook.

My mouth is watering.

personal fetish: little teeny weeny tiny things. Mini highlighters were a great find last year, but utterly pointless.

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Wed 14-Mar-12 18:24:38

Hmm, I confess I became a convert to the cult of stationary obsession when I lived in Japan in 96. They had wonderful free-flowing, non-blotchy, glide from the nib gel pens and such like, which I'd never come across in England at the time.

I can't abide to suffer a Bic biro these days blush

Only problem is I now seem to be supplying the world population, as my lovely pens are always going missing. Nicked by DH from where I suspect he supplies his whole company. And by the DCs who must supply all the kids and teachers in their schools.

Anyone else have this problem ?

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 18:33:17

Juggling The Victorians had the right idea about 'borrowing' wink

ChippingInNeedsCoffee Wed 14-Mar-12 18:59:22

<peeks out from kitbit's bosom>

MorrisZap - please tell me that shop isn't in the centre of Bruges!

I'm not into 'fussy' stationery, so some of those links are a bit much for me... I like the newness of stationery and I like what I like, I'm not a snob like Thomas Bodley I don't care where it comes from, as long as it meets me exating standard grin

Muji - if anyone is overseas and can get the 38mm hot pink gel pens I will trade you pretty much anything you need from the UK grin

Juggling - clearly you have not made yourself clear enough. Perhaps take lessons from LeQueen??

worriermum Wed 14-Mar-12 19:07:25

Havent read the whole thread but has anyone mentioned Lamy pencils ? And pens but it is the pencils that light my fire. Nice chunky hold, vivid primary colours, fabulous write...

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Wed 14-Mar-12 19:08:11

Ooh yes ariad Nice box ! And lockable has to be good !

< wanders off tangentially to collect beautiful wooden boxes - for secure storage of stationary obviously smile >

BabyGiraffes Wed 14-Mar-12 19:08:51

<runs in, bookmarks all links, wipes drool off keyboard, runs out to put children to bed>

veryconfusedatthemoment Wed 14-Mar-12 19:18:32

dots and spots anyone?

yoropens for left handers

Liberty of course

travailtotravel Wed 14-Mar-12 19:18:34

These links are costing me a LOT of money .... lining envelopes <gasps>

stressheaderic Wed 14-Mar-12 19:31:44

<rushes DD to bed to settle in and devour thread>

I'm a teacher and I have written everything in my planner in the same pen for the last 3 years <proud> (black ink Staedtler fineliner since you ask)

No pupil dare touch a single item out of my pencil case. For them, the cheap Bics and YPO's-own HBs.

Incidentally, the day of re-ordering next year's stationery from the YPO is my favourite of the year.

vanillamum Wed 14-Mar-12 19:43:31

I wanted an envelope liner too BUT found this to fulfil my yearning.

Now I just want the gold nibbed parker fountain pen, and the yoropen, and some of those friskers and parkers things,, ooh too much.

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Mar-12 20:01:39

Don't get me started on boxes, please <<hides credit cards from self>>

maddywest Wed 14-Mar-12 20:14:50

I want to join in! BUT I never know what to use all the beautiful notebooks for - do you all write your shopping lists/to do lists/diaries in them? please inspire me!

severnofnine Wed 14-Mar-12 20:23:06

does anyone know where I can buy a nice writing set which isnt girly? DS1 is 8 and likes to write letters to my gran etc but writing sets tend to be pretty and pink. paperchase used to have them but there are none suitable in our local branch. he doesnt really want notecards but paper and envelopes instead.
any ideas??

I am a luddite and dont have a posh phone so I use notebooks for to do lists/ shopping lists. I also have a paperchase "filofax" style leather diary for work

MammaBrussels Wed 14-Mar-12 20:27:15

This thread is amazing. I thought I was the only one!

I went to Bicester village once just to go to the Smythson outlet. I've yet to find anywhere decent in Brussels sad.

travailtotravel Wed 14-Mar-12 20:36:10

I made discussion of the day <preens as never happened before!>
MamaBrussels I used to buy gorgeous stationery in Brussels but for the life of me I can't remember the street where the papetiere was I spent hours in. Isn't there a shop at Woluwe?

ariadneoliver Wed 14-Mar-12 20:42:10

maddy there's no real need to use notebooks, by and large they are far too beautiful to despoil with ink. Best just keep and admire them. grin

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 20:43:24

The stationery part of my local TK Maxx has halved but I have had filofaxes, a Smythson Blue Nile notebook, a Celia Birtwell notebook and recently picked up a large notebook and small notebook for a pound!
I have some Giles Deacon Smythson stationery (somewhere!),other assorted Smythson books, Anya Hindmarch and Mulberry notebooks.
I may treat myself to a Smythson mid year diary as my current little one--isn't luxurious enough-- doesn't have the space I need.

Yummymummyyobe1 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:03:11

I adore my silver tiffany ballpoint pen, it is yummy when you take it out of your bag and feel the weight in your hand. Also love beautiful crisp white thank you cards, with scalloped edges.

warmandwooley you have to love smythson their beautiful blue boxes and tissue paper. yummy. Did you get the fashion edition Giles Deacon they were scrummy)

I think I might have my own scrummy writing paper made with a watermark and emobossed. Yummers. xx

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:09:08

Here is some stationery porn from Net a Porter.


Off to have a proper look now

Yummymummyyobe1 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:15:18

warmandwooly I actually put my chocolate down need the yummy mummy book. xx

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:15:41

Yummymummy 1-yes I got them in 2009 they remain untouched.
Ps there is a smythson notebook with your username(minus the one) on...just saying.

I have a lovely Smythson where I chose what decoration and where to put it with a clasp..
They are way too gorgeous to use!
Luxury stationery addict here.
I picked up two lovely little Preening note notebooks in a sale a while back for less than a ten quid each!

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:18:53

Ooh YM- its very nice!

BlackSwan Wed 14-Mar-12 21:21:47

Present and correct. Wow. I can never go back there. I can't spend that much twice.

travailtotravel Wed 14-Mar-12 21:24:04

That link to Net a Porter is NOT helping, I tell you. NOT helping. That Gil Sander notepad and cover ... OMG. I need to spend next months housekeeping on this.

Yummymummyyobe1 Wed 14-Mar-12 21:27:51

well my resolve is weak and a book with my usename on is fate (might buy 2)I deserve nice things making a baby. xx

toomuchmonthatendofthemoney Wed 14-Mar-12 21:29:57

My name is toomuch and I confess I would happily spend my son's uni fund on a flight to NYC and a raid on Kate's. <swoon> <pant>

Sadly my son doesn't have a uni fund, but I live in hope .....

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:30:15

Travail- the Smythson would therefore in comparison be the budget option. does that help?

travailtotravel Wed 14-Mar-12 21:43:33

Hmmm .... that shopping math equates .... <reaches for credit card>

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 21:59:31

Inhales smell of leather notebooks.....

newlark Wed 14-Mar-12 22:00:35

oh no - why did i click on this thread - must stop clicking links and move away from the computer...

Hollyfoot Wed 14-Mar-12 22:02:28

My name is Holly and I'm a stationery addict.

It all started during childhood (doesnt it always) when I discovered Lakeland by Cumberland crayons.

And its been an ongoing struggle ever since grin

fromheretomaternity Wed 14-Mar-12 22:04:44

Nothing to add except a contented sigh

I love stationery and this thread is going to cost me a fortune!

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 22:07:20

Marks place
Night all

MadameMessy Wed 14-Mar-12 22:09:03

now this is just the thread I've been looking for smile
I have a kind of project ongoing at the moment, like the fly lady control journal sort of. I have an a5 binder that I have lovingly decoupaged, with poly pockets and sections for recipes,knitting and crochet patterns,lists of books I want etc.
Dp calls it my domestic goddess guide!

am lookin for a notebook in a5 with lovely perforated pages for transcribing all this lovely info onto, and then protecting in the poly pockets. who has ideas where I can find one?

warmandwooly Wed 14-Mar-12 22:14:55

Madame-Project books-orla keilly do some books that fit your decription. I also have some of these..
As for boxes to store all this leather goodness-home bargains do some cheap ones!

Wolfiefan Wed 14-Mar-12 22:38:16

Websters pen shop. Go online and drool!!

Sanuk Wed 14-Mar-12 22:45:40


notpodd Wed 14-Mar-12 22:47:11

<bursts into thread with enthusiasm> Come to my arms stationery strokers!

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 00:18:41

We haven't sort of asked as to why stationery addicts choose to suffer so? What are we asking for? Order? Perfection? Ease? A small corner of life which we can call our own?

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 03:54:20

I am living in Japan. It is unbelievable when it comes to stationary. Things you never knew you wanted, line the shelves. Paper clips, where the wire has been bent into the shape of people, flowers or animals. I bought myself a 5 speed pencil sharper the other day. It sharpens so you can have a smaller point for colouring pencils compared to your standard pencils smile
copy and paste&#25991;&#25151;&#20855;into google i dare yah

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 03:56:17

bunbogu only in kanjii. can't post in japanese sad

tanukiton Thu 15-Mar-12 04:02:56

As to the writing paper! It is on a completely different level

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 06:24:37

carbonara - one must ask how many of us have what I like to call "ocd tendencies"? If I can't control the world, I must at least be able to colour coordinate my sharpened clutch pencils. DD1 (8) was in my office the other day, stroking my paper clips in their designated lined mini-drawer and making me anxious and she said to me "Mum why is your office so tidy and organised when the rest of the house is such chaos?". I suggested it was because it is my room and I like order and tidiness. She said "Oh I thought it was because no-one ever goes in there?" grin

PigeonPie Thu 15-Mar-12 06:31:50

Finally had time to reply. I too am an addict. I have a stationery cupboard in the study to store it all as I now work from home and can now legitimately have an account at my local staioners - which can be a very dangerous thing - but great smile

MammaBrussels Thu 15-Mar-12 08:10:25

I officially love this thread. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys stationery and then can't bring herself to violate use it.

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 08:25:35

Yes Mamma, I have the annual angst if resisting writing anything at all in my new diaries forthe New Year. It just messes them up and suddenly detracts from their aesthetic beauty.

thecarbonaraPan Thu 15-Mar-12 08:26:16

of resisting, you fool.

MrsHoarder Thu 15-Mar-12 08:33:51

Notebooks: I keep diaries, research notes, craft project designs etc in them. I also have filofaxs a filofax for day to day planning and organising.

A lot of my naice stationery comes from TKMaxx too, especially notebooks.

jetstar Thu 15-Mar-12 09:04:56

haven't read the whole thread yet but have been umming and ahing about getting a paper guillotine. Worth it do you think?

P.S. I am not an addict, I can stop any time I want............

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 09:15:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MammaBrussels Thu 15-Mar-12 09:18:47

Jetstar, it is my ambition in life to own a laminator. A paper guillotine may follow this.

maddywest Thu 15-Mar-12 09:29:20

smile at all of you who have the lovely things just to look at! I have to confess to buying a paper guillotine in the sales just in case it came in useful (still in the box).

MammaBrussels Thu 15-Mar-12 09:31:09

Need a fix

ParkView Thu 15-Mar-12 09:31:40

i love stationery... so much I bought a cupboard for it all, and told DH it was for the children's craft supplies blush
Japanese stationery is fantastic, but so expensive to get hold of in UK, Muji aside.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 09:35:07

Ooh you can get laminator pockets at my local pound shop

lolaflores Thu 15-Mar-12 09:40:53

Promarker pen fan here also. recently discovered them and am in complete love. sometimes I just line them up and look at the colours. i have been on line and watched tutorials but just love looking at all the other colours i don't have yet.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 10:09:31

Can I suggest that we need some sort of badge or sign or better still a notebook so that when we see each other in paperchase etc we regognise each other as kindered spirits?

Can I sduggest that MN HQ gets on to Smythson and makes available to order a dedicated note book for MNetters. I am thinking of a snappy title...will start a new thread for suggestions....
It could have a special section...perforated pages for shopping lists...

lolaflores Thu 15-Mar-12 10:10:20

plastic wallet for wipes.

NoMoreInsomnia12 Thu 15-Mar-12 10:20:55

I love stationery. And cookware.

MammaBrussels Thu 15-Mar-12 10:28:50

A Smythson 'AIBU' book would be awesome!

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 10:38:40

Mamma- I would totally buy that book!

SlightlyJaded Thu 15-Mar-12 10:49:39

I have:

Dymo label maker
Personalised embossed stationery
Many, many pink/clear/colourful Muji files and folders
Perspex Muji desk organiser with little drawers and lidded section with coloured paperclips/pins etc
2 x Moleskine notebooks
Smythson travel notes book
Mont Blanc Fountain Pen (30th Birthday present)
William Morris pattered matching stapler, hole punch, staple remover set
Sticker file. Yes, file
Various paperblanks notebooks

<obsessed proud>

However, all of this is 'old' - mostly bought pre DCs when in full time work. I now have to get my stationery fixes from our local WHSmith (though I will never, NEVER I tell you, use a bic biro and a spiral bound notebook. As long as there's life in me, etc...)

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 11:09:58

I respect you all

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 11:10:12

respect and fear!

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 11:15:24

Japanese stationery shopping is bliss. I still have some hoarded from when my parents lived there, and DS's own hoard contains stickers which they brought back when they went on holiday there.

Unless it has moved in the last decade, Kate's Papierie is even in a bit of NYC with lots of cool coffee shops / bookshops to park DH in for several hours so that he doesn't have to suffer through my stationery drooling and dithering and isn't there to mutter about luggage allowances.

DartsAgain Thu 15-Mar-12 11:34:41

I'm another stationery addict. I have a Waterman Fountain pen and use purple ink. I also have a parker fountain pen for everyday and use Diamine ink to refill (I saw 70 shades of ink for them on one website and picked one of about 20 shades of blue). I have to keep my stash in a drawer or everyone else in the house raids it. I like any stationery, but fountain pens are at the top of the list. Good job I don't have a credit card at the moment (due to a fraud, new card in post to me) or I'd be spending right now having seen this thread......grin

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 11:41:21

Feels the urge to laminate something coming on...

MoreBeta Thu 15-Mar-12 11:43:02

Japanese stationery is quite unlike what you can buy in the West.

We still have some from DW lived there. We only use it very occasionally one sheet at a time.

Cubtrouble Thu 15-Mar-12 13:07:44

God i thought I was the only one with this "problem".

I spend waaaaay to long choosing thankyou cards the other day, and I have seen some waaaaay to cute baby announcment cards in the local paper shop.
my favorite pen is a vintage mt blanc from my dad. i do LOVE a sharpie though and moleskin notebooks. heavenly. There is nothing as nice as opening a brand new notebook

ThePinkPussycat Thu 15-Mar-12 13:08:48

Anyone remember wooden pencil cases with a sliding rotating lid?

I like Bic ball point pens, index cards, paper must be narrow feint no margin, or Quadrille ruled. Used to have some nice polar graph paper too. After many different filing attempts, use ring-binders and plastic pockets (not cheap ones, which can be too flimsy and not properly transparent) Favourite ring binder is recycled and says 'I'm afraid I got a bit trashed, but I'm much better now' on it.

Recently found a site where you could print all manner of different graph papers - hope I bookmarked it.

So I am more functional than pretty in appoach. But still an addict.

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 13:24:30

Thanks to whoever mentioned TK Maxx first. I popped in today and managed to bag myself the last Liberty notebook (purple leather embossed with the art deco design); some rather fab post it notes and a TeNeues notebook. All under half price. smile

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 13:27:28

I remember those? With a top and bottom tray? And the lid was a ruler!

I'm all about pretty. I have a monsoon pencil tin with matching hole punch, stapler, ruler and calculator. I didn't need them but had to have them. They are in pride of place in my office. I don't think I ever used them.

lowlandlady Thu 15-Mar-12 13:46:22

look at this
for a child who loves stationery

And what about a wooden squirrel tape dispenser?
i want one!
I could spend a heinous amount at the V and A shop......

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 13:50:26

Ariad- Liberty notebooks you say. Please take a photo and post (or tweet!)!
I have -lots- a few V and A notebooks that have leather and sort of rubbery covers from there.

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 13:59:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeQueen Thu 15-Mar-12 14:02:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 14:03:54

woody it's this one only in a rich puple colour.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 14:14:27

OOh. I want that notebook! I shall pop in to my local TK Maxxes and have a look. I love Liberty. One year I was given a Liberty diary for Christmas. It has really necver been bettered!

ariadneoliver Thu 15-Mar-12 14:18:55

I buy birthday cards on spec. The problem comes when they are too good to give away. I may have been known to buy two of a particularly nice one in order that I can bear to let go of one.

notpodd Thu 15-Mar-12 14:31:31

I'm quite envy over that notebook, and LeQueen - librarians are the queens(and kings) of stationery porn, no question. Stamps - you don't even need to mention the laminators, guilotines, craft knives, sharpies etc - stamps. Librarians and primary school teachers.

warmandwooly Thu 15-Mar-12 14:37:27

Home bargains as I have said are great for bits and bobs.
15p a pack for Bic sticky notes (bought three)
And 99p for a to do/notes pad.

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:46:15

LeQ I have an entire (large) cupboard full of gorgeous wrapping paper and ribbons and the like, and a large basket of cards. Wrapping things is one of my favourite occupations, but I do have to match my special paper (a lot of it from Kates Papierie) to deserving recipients which may be why I still have some left 10 years after I last went to NYC. I love bulk buying ribbons from ebay and Costco because it means I can use it without giving away all of a particularly lovely ribbon in one go hmm

While we are recommending suppliers, may I commend to you minor mail (especially when she has periodic 2 for 1 sales and I stock up for the decade year)

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:47:06

lowlandlady my DC would love that postal service set

<<adds it to wishlists>>

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Mar-12 14:49:58

I really can't drag a poorly DD to TKMaxx in search of notebooks, can I sad?

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