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Rag doll for baby

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Oakmaiden Thu 20-Nov-03 14:45:31

I would like to buy my baby daughter her first doll as a Christmas present this year, so I am looking for a fairly traditional type rall doll, that is suitable to be loved and sucked by a very young child. Anyone got any ideas?

dsw Thu 20-Nov-03 14:54:17

I haven't got any ideas - but have now decided I want one for my dd as a xmas gift aswell, so let me know if you find out - just incase it isn't through Mumsnet - but I am sure one of the other girlies will be able to make some fab suggestions

Jaybee Thu 20-Nov-03 15:25:17

this one is sweet - doesn't say if it is suitable from very young though. I bought dd one when she was tiny but it was not suitable for the very young but sat on her shelf until she was about 3 or 4 - it is handmade, traditional and beautiful with bloomers and silk shoes etc. I bought it from a craft stall in a shopping centre in Nottingham - but that was 6 years ago.
Ones suitable from birth would probably be the baby Corolle one, or something from Eden - maybe one of these

Jaybee Thu 20-Nov-03 16:15:21

The Heidi on on here is gorgeous.

soyabean Thu 20-Nov-03 21:29:59

My dd was given her first jellycat rag doll when she was about three, so although she was older than yours, the doll has been much loved and played with and is in perfect condition still, if a little grey rather than pink. She is now 8 and has 12 of varying sizes; they are here absolute favourite things. Some are a bit groovy and more suited to older girls but some have quite simple clothes and I love their smiley faces. I don't know what age they recommend them for, but do know several children who have had them as babies. No bits of hair or clothes have come off my dds and they really have been well loved. In fact we are going to get her a big one for Xmas but I just can't choose which I like best, they are all so gorgeous!

LIZS Fri 21-Nov-03 09:52:17

We've got several Maggies Raggies which are from Zapf Creations - most labelled as suitable from one year but dd got her first at Christmas when she was 4 months old and had no problems.

Oakmaiden Sun 23-Nov-03 19:35:20

Think I'm going to get Raggedey Ann

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 19:59:46

some lovely big ones in mothercare world

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 20:03:03

awwh raggedy ann in gorgeous!

anais Sun 23-Nov-03 21:25:32

My dd has got one of these (the one in the middle of the second picture down on the right. She is very soft and lovely and I'm sure they are suitable from birth.

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