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with regards to tights.........

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Teletubby Wed 19-Nov-03 13:05:01

Just out of curiosity does anyones husband actually find tights sexy?

SoupDragon Wed 19-Nov-03 13:06:48

Not in the Dragon household.

Teletubby Wed 19-Nov-03 13:12:02

Glad i'm not alone - i think my husband would seriously question my sexiness if i turned to wearing tights - not to mention i find them really uncomfortable and feel very unsexy in them.

codswallop Wed 19-Nov-03 13:13:19

Havent worn them for 2 years so he would nt be able to say

Boot1 Wed 19-Nov-03 13:33:23

My DH loathes tights, but I do wear them with a short skirt. There was a time when I would wear hold ups but spend most of my time in jeans/combays these days so no call for them. I don't think they look great but the keep you warm.

CnR Thu 20-Nov-03 08:58:26

DH doesn't like them either. I don't wear the much but sometimes under skirts - IMO looks far better than white legs sticking out instead. If I am going out 'proper' - meal, ball, party, etc. I do make the effort to wear hold ups or stockings though.

WSM Thu 20-Nov-03 09:02:38

DH HATES them, especially if they're not long enough in the leg and the crotch bit is too low . ICK. DH is a stockings and sussies man (show me a man who isn't), but I feel a pleb in them. I do like hold ups though.

motherinferior Thu 20-Nov-03 09:09:37

DP does like short skirts and I think would put up with tights if I were prepared to prance around in one, which at the moment I'm not...

Northerner Thu 20-Nov-03 09:26:09

Dh likes my crotchless ones.

WSM Thu 20-Nov-03 09:47:26


SimonHoward Fri 21-Nov-03 18:31:01

Ok will go out on a limb here.

I do like Stockings but also like a nice pair of tights on a lady.

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