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HELP! urgently need a safe alternative to a hot water bottle that isn't wheat based..anyone with experience of Hotties?

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chobbler Mon 20-Feb-12 06:57:23

I have spent the last 2 hours researching online but I would like personal experience if you have it. Or alternative recommendations to the Hotties thermal hot waterbottle, that seems to fit all the scenarios below.

1- v old blind relative who needs heat during day but won't put fire on angry and would rely on carer to heat so would need it to be simple.

2- mum with previously broken wrist and hand now crippled with arthritis, can operate microwave. but is diabetic.- told Hotties best by 'professional' at the chemist/pharmacy but i'm sceptical as they don't stock anything else.

3- 9 year old with chronic growing pains and mummy killed her cozybear wheatbag last night sad I would just get her a new one if they still made them. But she didn't like the original wheatbag smell when it was new, so can't just get any old wheat-bag either. But I need something urgently as I'm not happy to put her in bed with my ceramic heat pad unless things are really bad.

Nerve damaged person who cannot feel temperature will be operating microwave for scenario 3 and almost cooked hands on cozybear last night. Cozybear now carbon based bear sad. I also don't want to give the others a product that will scald or explode/ overcook on them either.

A traditional hot water bottle is not an option.

Any help gratefully recieved

chobbler Mon 20-Feb-12 07:03:21

PS 'professional' was the word mum used for the nice lady in the white coat that served her aka the salesgirl not the actual Pharmacist. I am not saying at all that Pharmacists are not professionals. Just mum used the word for a saturday salesgirl (teen) and it made me smile.

nooka Mon 20-Feb-12 07:13:04

We have a wheat hottie (it's called a hotbod) and a rice one that was made by a group of old ladies. The rice one does get a bit damp (I think that they are better with two layers of material) so we always wrap it with a towel.

How long did you heat your hottie for? Ours (non old lady made) says 90 seconds only, which is really not an issue for hurting hands (or whatever bit of skin the hottie is then next to). Re the smell, I use essential oils on both bags and that gives a lovely smell (plus is good for relaxing - I also have children with bedtime pains, and I think that the nice smells do help).

No help with sourcing though! Sorry - hope someone more helpful is around soon

Catsmamma Mon 20-Feb-12 07:27:25

I saw a cherry pit one in Home Bargains the other day....i don't imagine that would have the smell.

It was in red gingham...very pretty!

trumpton Mon 20-Feb-12 07:51:43

Amazon have THIS

chobbler Mon 20-Feb-12 10:20:24

the hottie heating was a 4am wrong button on the combi oven/microwave operator error- i accidentally grilled it for 10 minutes instead of microwaved for 1. stood watching it wondering why the bears ears were curling, then hit the off switch when the smell hit my nose. couldn't find my glasses.

we were told not to put oils on it if the whole thing was going in the microwave.

trumpton thx. I hadn't seen that one. still working at 4am brain levels!

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 20-Feb-12 10:37:02

I would siously recomend this, I know it is for pets but I and lots of people who I have persuaded since to buy it use it themselves.

It stays hot for ages as if used for pets it need to last all night, it is brilliant and unbreakable, get one.

WhereTheWildThingsWere Mon 20-Feb-12 10:37:42

siously = seriously

3luckystars Thu 09-Feb-17 01:26:36

Sorry to resurrect an older thread but I have the same question!

My hot water bottle burst earlier and I burnt my foot badly, I just keep thinking I can't live without my hot water bottle, my feet are so cold! It didn't just leak, it burst, and I had a sick baby who couldn't be put down, so was trying to treat the burn and change the bed one handed. I'd say I looked hilarious.

Is there any alternatives besides the wheat thing (which are useless and are even more dangerous because they can go on fire apparently)

There must be others out there with blocks of ice for feet like me? Any solutions?

user1493122149 Tue 25-Apr-17 13:27:44

Hi 3luckystars! Yes! Me! My feet are always like ice blocks!

I swear by the hotties from these guys:

I use them several times a day and we've had our current Hotties for about 4 years. They stay really warm for a long time too.

They are grain free too. I think grain / wheat / seed filled packs are dangerous - my grandmother nearly set herself on fire with one - she went to bed and woke up with it smouldering under her feet. Scary! She now has one of the Hotties from the link above...

Our kids have one each and they love them as comforters and we use them to warm up their beds (kids are 10 and 8).


user1493122149 Tue 25-Apr-17 14:40:32

Oops, just saw the link to Hotties website doesn't work! Sorry. Try:


3luckystars Mon 30-Apr-18 20:55:04

Thank you very much.

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