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Lovefilm- lots of problems and lies?

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Garliccheesechips Sun 12-Feb-12 20:47:12

Sorry, I know this isn't an AIBU but I was wondering if anyone else had issues with Lovefilm.

So far, they are denying we entered a promotional code that promised one month free membership and free Amazon vouchers when we signed up. We absolutely did do this. I remember because the email with the voucher code came FROM Lovefilm!

One film on our list never arrived. We had to fill in a lost form for the Royal Mail and post it back, otherwise Lovefilm threatened to charge us for the disc.

I'm now canceling my membership and will have a look at what Netflix offers instead. They have to be better than Lovefilm. Awful service and no customer care it would seem.

ShowOfUmblestAnds Sun 12-Feb-12 20:49:45

We've had no problems at all with them and we've used them for years. Any problems and they've sorted them immediately and with good grace. Rare though. Been v straightforward.

Alambil Sun 12-Feb-12 20:50:06

I've had precisely the opposite from them; nothing but great support and help when they sent me a disc that wouldn't play and the replacement also wouldn't play. They gave me 2 "free" discs that month to make up for it and have always been superb at responding to emails

Beamur Sun 12-Feb-12 20:50:25

That's not good. I've been with Lovefilm for a couple of years and have had no problems at all, but there again I've never had a stray disc either.

Garliccheesechips Sun 12-Feb-12 20:51:40

Hmmm bugger. Maybe I've been dealing with the one wanker in the company

laloue Sun 12-Feb-12 20:53:17

6 years here, nothing but excellent service.

SalmeMurrikAgain Sun 12-Feb-12 20:56:47

I've been a Lovefilm customer for 5 yrs or so, very good service smile

SugarPasteHedgehog Sun 12-Feb-12 21:00:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

picnicbasketcase Sun 12-Feb-12 21:00:41

I think they're toss. They claim to have more titles than anyone else, conveniently leaving out the fact they don't have anything recent made by Universal due to their stupid dispute. They also start off your membership sending you discs from the top of the list, really quickly, then when you're past your free trial they send out medium and low priority discs, really slowly. The only thing i liked about them was the snazzy reversible envelopes.

dementedma Sun 12-Feb-12 21:02:43

loads of problems here. never have the films we want, say we have received stuff when we haven't. We have now cancelled our account, and even that took a half hour phone call. they are rubbish.

tentative123 Sun 12-Feb-12 21:06:15

We've had 2 non delivered which is a high proportion, but its never caused a prob and they just resent it. Been with them maybe 4 years now..

LadyEmmaHamilton Sun 12-Feb-12 21:07:18

I'm not really sure what your complaint about the disc that never turned up is? If they didn't approach it that way, surely people would be always reporting "lost" discs and building themselves a nice DVD collection...

rocket74 Sun 12-Feb-12 21:13:55

we have had one lost disc but lots of scratched discs with Lovefilm. I do complain everytime though and most times they give us an extra film credit or resend the film asap. Getting really annoyed with the Universal dispute so thinking of changing even after seven years good-ish service.

VivaLeBeaver Sun 12-Feb-12 21:16:53

Had so many scratched discs that I did stop my subscription. But customer service was always good. They would offer to resend another copy but if you've seen 90% of the film it was too much of a pain to wait 4 or 5 days to see the last 10%.

A couple of discs went AWOL in the post but no problems, they accepted I'd posted them back.

nerfgunsftw Sun 12-Feb-12 21:17:49

Did the amazon thing. Got the voucher. Cancelled no problem. Didn't cost anything .

TidyDancer Sun 12-Feb-12 21:20:21

I had problems with the voucher. Amazon said to get it from Lovefilm, Lovefilm said get it from Amazon, blah blah blah. Can't remember how I resolved it tbh, but it took a lot of chasing.

Cancelled shortly afterwards, don't really have very good things to say about them tbh, but Netflix is fucking awful because they have hardly anything worth watching on there. Would be great if they had more/better stuff.

OnlyFunctionsWithCaffeine Sun 12-Feb-12 21:30:05

I used lovefilm a while ago and had no problems, but I've signed up to Netflix since and won't ever look back, it is great I really suggest giving it a try.

Garliccheesechips Sun 12-Feb-12 21:36:30

Because, Lady Emma, threatening to fine already paying customers for shit service is bollocks.

AfternoonDelight Mon 13-Feb-12 01:51:35

carliccheese you totally missed the point.

Garliccheesechips Wed 15-Feb-12 18:53:30

Ohhhh riiiillly Afternoon.

IslaValargeone Wed 15-Feb-12 18:59:38

We cancelled due to the number of scratched discs. Customer service was good and they would always endeavour to send a replacement as quickly as possible, however my dh just got fed up with thinking he was settling down for a good film with a beer or two and then having a knackered disc and it spoiling his evening.

onelily Wed 22-Feb-12 09:29:11

Hey seems like Lovefilm must be doing something really great which is why you all have something good to say about them.

I am also thinking of joining them, came across an amazing £10 Free cashback from Metro Moneyback...Actually tried the Amazon voucher too, but something weird happened. So will have to use them for the Free cashback...After reading this thread i am excited to join them and watch all my favourite movies... smile)

RedBlanket Wed 22-Feb-12 09:33:14

Also joining the lovefilm love in. No problems at all, although if Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy doesn't turn up soon DH May explode

(the on demand service is pretty poor though).

BelleEnd Wed 22-Feb-12 09:35:52

Have been with them for years and they've been fab.

ripsishere Wed 22-Feb-12 09:37:35

I joined then realised I wasn't watching the films they sent due to time. It took me ages to manage to cancel my membership.
They still (5 months or so later) send me new membership cards, letters and offers to tempt me back.

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