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Presents for 90year old boys

(46 Posts)
Beetroot Sun 16-Nov-03 10:16:39

Message withdrawn

roscoe Sun 16-Nov-03 10:18:19

He's 90??????

Beetroot Sun 16-Nov-03 10:20:30

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Sun 16-Nov-03 10:43:56

Oh but I love this one, beetroot! I thought it was gonna be about a grandad in touch with his inner child! Creative mistakes are so cool.

Beetroot Sun 16-Nov-03 10:47:13

Message withdrawn

roscoe Sun 16-Nov-03 10:50:48

Maybe we should keep this thread for MNers looking for ideas for elderly relatives. What about a zimmer frame with built-in water pistols?

ScummyMummy Sun 16-Nov-03 10:57:55

Love it, roscoe.

Norma Sun 16-Nov-03 11:07:03

What about an electric scooter?

roscoe Sun 16-Nov-03 11:23:16

with a realistic police siren to scare the cr*p out of the local yobs.

Norma Sun 16-Nov-03 11:25:39

lol or a batman outfit?

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:30:25

A zimmer frame that can fire rockets and lights up in the dark

ScummyMummy Sun 16-Nov-03 11:34:39

Vampire style false teeth?

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:35:35

Bob the Builder Incontinence pads.

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:36:22

Checked slippers with lights in the soles.

ScummyMummy Sun 16-Nov-03 11:37:17

musical bedpan?

Norma Sun 16-Nov-03 11:37:39

Laser gun walking stick

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:39:11

Thermal Batman outfit

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:40:36

Big box of ovaltine flavoured chews

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:41:28

Happy meals on wheels

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:43:10

Snooker kit with 'Ray Reardon' written on the back.

hmb Sun 16-Nov-03 11:43:30

Skateboard with Zimmer attachment?

Beetroot Sun 16-Nov-03 11:45:09

Message withdrawn

Norma Sun 16-Nov-03 11:46:03

pogo walking stick?

ScummyMummy Sun 16-Nov-03 11:46:26

Senior Ready Steady Cook candy floss maker

Janstar Sun 16-Nov-03 11:48:09

'The Good Old Days' cartoon singalong DVD

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