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Timber frame kit house

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desperatehousewife Fri 20-Jan-06 11:06:50

anyone know of any good ones or where I can start researching? Would love a huf haus but probably out of budget.

Gizmo Fri 20-Jan-06 11:13:59

Was looking at this a few weeks ago...just give me a minute....

hayleylou Fri 20-Jan-06 11:16:31

My setp father in law is building his own house and was looking at differnt companies... will ask which ones if you like??

Gizmo Fri 20-Jan-06 11:26:42

Blimey that took a while, and I still can't find the superdooper website that listed all of them

Anyway, from memory some of the bigger names are Potton and Scotframe. Then there are rafts of nice companies that will design you a timber frame to your specification, rather than as a full kit. You might find more information on or Otherwise, googling oak frame buildings/timerb frame manufacturers/kit houses seems to turn up a lot of results.

Sorry - time limited at the moment but will try and resurrect my searches later!

desperatehousewife Fri 20-Jan-06 13:01:16

thanks - brilliant!

alibubbles Fri 20-Jan-06 17:23:58

Message withdrawn

suzi2 Fri 20-Jan-06 17:42:42

thomas mitchell do their own kits

not quite huf house though!

Skribble Fri 20-Jan-06 22:13:05

\link\Log Cabins}.

more cabins but has prices .

I will see if I have anything more like hufhaus in my pile of junk .

Skribble Fri 20-Jan-06 22:13:29

Log Cabins .

Aloha Fri 20-Jan-06 22:14:10

Three Alibubbles? Blimey! Where?

Skribble Fri 20-Jan-06 22:14:23

Homebuilding show might be of interest.

alibubbles Sat 21-Jan-06 08:58:13

Message withdrawn

alibubbles Sun 19-Feb-06 14:06:34

Message withdrawn

Skribble Sun 19-Feb-06 20:06:21

Pine Cabins
New Forset Log Cabins

Skribble Sun 19-Feb-06 20:12:54

Premier Log Cabins inc prices
??? but has prices
The Log Cabin Company

zippitippitoes Sun 19-Feb-06 20:13:48

Border Oak..not a kit but a green oak frame build

mandymay88 Thu 26-Oct-17 15:15:56

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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