Car seat for 6 month old

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Anniemo Sun 11-Nov-01 15:19:46

Does anyone know of a lighweight car seat which will be suitable for 6 month plus. My baby has really outgrown his first size seat, especially when padded up in snow suit! I need a seat that is easily transferable from husband's car, childminder and my own car - but all the next size seem to be so heavy. Any suggestions?

Rhiannon Sun 11-Nov-01 22:43:28

I have a Britax Super Cruiser which is made from polystyrene and clips in using only the 3 point seat belt. The only drawback with a younger child is that there is only one seat position (upright!) and my little one used to fall sideways when she fell asleep in it. I'd Definitely recommend it for over 18 months. R.

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