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DD's second b'day

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sykes Thu 13-Nov-03 09:51:47

Have looked but can't find thread for ideas for presents. Can anyone direct me?

Need to buy at lunchtime. I asked her father to buy a blackboard. I thought I'd buy her a baby doll, although she does have a couple of rather abused second/third hand ones. We have a lot of books, her nanny has bought her puzzles. Don't want to buy very much particularly as it's nearly christmas and she has quite a lot already. Do want to get something, though.

ThomCat Thu 13-Nov-03 11:01:53

So far I've got Lottie for her 2nd / Xmas :

- more fairy lights for hr room
- really lovley building blocks that tell a story on each one
- 2 little dolls, one white one black that have little terry towelling nappies and little bunches in their hair
- loads of books
- really nice set of play fruit and veg
- a shower thing and crab mirror for the bath
- a couple of cars and a small construction set from ELC

Happy 2nd birthday to Baby Sykes

Jaybee Thu 13-Nov-03 11:20:07

At 2 they are just getting into the pretend play stuff, if you get her a doll why not get a little crib or bath t go with it, agree with Thomcat's suggestion of play fruit and veg or even a small kitchen. My dd's birthday is two weeks before Christmas and used to get her something for outdoors for the following summer as they get so much stuff at once and then nothing for a year. She is 7 in a few weeks and already has her list so I can't get away with it now!!
Happy shopping.

BigBird Thu 13-Nov-03 11:58:47

dds 2nd bday coming up too and like u with xmas coming I don't want to get her much. Am thinking of :

A few books
A Magna-Doodle (cos she loves scribbling!)
A bean-bag

For xmas she will get :
Fisher Price little peoples dolls house (Santa)
Kitchen from Gran
Doll & buggy from Aunt.

The only other thing she got recently that she LOVES is a tea-set ! She adores it.

Hope you have some ideas there - let us know what you get.

sykes Thu 13-Nov-03 12:06:44

Thanks, great ideas. Am off in about ten mins, God help me - work just off Picadilly Circus. Why did I leave it until now? Avoid Hamleys at ALL costs - they seem to have a 30% mark-up on some things. Am planning on a joint wendy house for the girls for Christmas (in the garden) so think a kitchen would be great for Christmas. Thanks very much. Will gird my loins and brave the shops.

LIZS Thu 13-Nov-03 12:08:43

for her 2nd bday dd had :-
Tiny Tears doll
play food
iron and ironing board
Doll accessories set (bottle, nappies, feeding stuff and potty)
Fuzzy felt
Play dough
Mr and Mrs Potato Head
Puzzles (M and S Pooh 3-d one is a hit)
Some Lego Duplo

Perhaps there are a few ideas here for your dd ?

florenceuk Thu 13-Nov-03 14:04:11

Thomcat, where did you get your baby dolls? I am looking for a baby doll for DS, that is not too plasticky and too pink!

DS will be 2 next week, he is getting a Magnadoodle and some building blocks - already bought him a trike as an extra extra early b'day pressie.

What about a trainset? DS is just at the stage where he really loves it.

codswallop Thu 13-Nov-03 14:05:08

the rabbit in a holder thing from elc
the elc pink make up box

Angeliz Thu 13-Nov-03 14:11:03

sykes...what about a big scrap book, then go to any arty type shpo and get glue and little packs of.stars,hearts,feathers,matchstick clours............. and put them all in a little box? (i did some shopping yesterday and got tonnes of this stuff , my dd loves anything she can make)..

BigBird Thu 13-Nov-03 14:11:15

I didn't know you can still get Fuzzy Felt !!

Angeliz Thu 13-Nov-03 14:11:38

and she can keep the scrap book....btw the little bags were 69p each.

Bozza Thu 13-Nov-03 14:14:20

BigBird ELC do fuzzy felt - quite a range. I have been buying it for birthday parties recently. Am toying with getting DS a Christmassy set.

slug Thu 13-Nov-03 21:00:44

The sluglet turned 2 last week. We bought her:

1. A baby pushchair from ELC..Five quid and worth every penny, it was a major hit with the small one who has spent many a happy hour pushing her teddies and dolls (all nicely seat belted in of course) round and round the place.

2. Fairy wings from pound stretcher £2

3. Fairy star, also from Pound stretcher £1.

Parents and friends were encouraged to buy books.

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