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From pushchairs to vacuum cleaners, we've tested hundreds of products in real homes with real families. Head over to Mumsnet Reviews to find out which ones came out on top. - has anyone used this website - fab magnets for Xmas!

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scoobysnax Wed 12-Nov-03 16:23:02

I have found some brilliant magnet toys for Xmas on the website, but am nervous of ordering from them as I have never heard of them!!!
Has anyone else ordered from them before?

nerdgirl Wed 12-Nov-03 16:35:14

Yeah. I bought stuff from them scoobysnax. It was good quality and arrived on time. I had no problems with them at all. Go for it!

scoobysnax Wed 12-Nov-03 16:38:54

Thanks nerdgirl - did you get the magnet stuff too? And how did you get to know about the site?

monkey Wed 12-Nov-03 20:13:15

Scoobs -I really like the look of the magnetic stuff too - if you're talking about the dress a doll/monster stuff tho, it's cheaper in

nerdgirl Thu 13-Nov-03 07:59:22

Actually, I bought the magnetic paint. Put it up in the playroom and the kitchen and the boys bedrooms. Very useful, cool stuff but the paint is very thick so you can see tiny ridges under the wall paint but the boys love it.

I can't remember where I heard about the site. I did this last year.

Go for it Scoobs!

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