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John Lewis Mattress Range - Renoir?

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RoxyRobin Fri 06-Jan-12 09:51:23

Posted in GH but this might be a better place.

Need a new mattress and was looking at John Lewis' own range. Someone told me they'd had what used to be called the 'Renoir' and found it very good, but they've changed their range since she bought it. Does anyone know what the current equivalent is? What experiences do mners have of John Lewis mattresses? I see someone has posted a bad experience for a basic mattress (is JLP going downhill? I thought it was the last bastion against falling standards!) but it's a more upmarket one I'm after.

mowgli31 Thu 01-Nov-12 04:12:56

I know its a long time ago now but did you ever get an answer. I'm looking for the same thing. I guess I could phone John Lewis but its 3am (darned mattress!!) and I doubt if I'll get an answer except from an insomniac ansaphone.

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