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Tips on a biggy for a neraly 3 year old

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marialuisa Mon 10-Nov-03 21:23:52

I normally walk to school with DD and then home again in the afternoons. It's about a 2 mile trip each way, up and down a hill. There is no way DD can manage the walk in the afternoons, and TBH I prefer to have her in a buggy in the mornings because it's quicker!

We've worked our way through various prams etc and ended up with a cheapy 30 quid offering from Mothercare a few months ago. It is completely knackered and pushing 2.5 stone of DD uphills twicw a day everyday is doing even more damage to my seriously dodgy back and leg. Can anyone recommend a buggy big enough for a tall 2.8 year old that will stand up to serious battering and doesn't cost the earth? Are any of the new maclarens any good? Prior to mothercare c**p we had a daytripper and that did nearly 12 months before I wrecked it....

DD walking all that way, especially after a full day at school is not an option!

M2T Mon 10-Nov-03 21:29:33

Biggy?? lol.

I;m on my second Mothercare Jive £35 one. I find them okay, but the first one wore out after about 8mths. I put it down to the fact that I overload it with shopping all the time. So we bought him another one as I assumed he wouldn't be in it for long. My ds is 2.4yrs but he isn't a big lad.

I was really surprised at the jump in price from the the £35 jive buggy..... the next lot seemed to be around the £70-£100 mark. I'm intersted to see the suggestion you get for when my Mothercare one gives in again.

Sorry, not much help.

marialuisa Fri 14-Nov-03 13:28:01

M2T, Mumsnet may have been useless, but DH went and got a Mothercare Urban Detour all by himself (fall on floor in dead faint!) it's fantastic and as you're planning no.2 is fine from birth and has a sort of step that tired toddlers can sit on. It is quite bulky though so perhaps not great if you've only got a small car or use public transport a lot.

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 13:32:16

Thanks Marialuisa - Can't believe nobody suggested any! COME ON MUMSNETTERS!

But alls well that ends well. Unfortunately I don't drive and neither does DP so we use the bus and train ALOT. Something light and very foldable (zat even a word??) is what I'll need.

Wow how conscientious of your DP. Well done Mr MariaLuisa!

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 13:32:52

Ooops, didn't mean to unmarry you and your DH! Sorry.

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 13:33:49

MY GOD! I umarried me and my DH too!!
Must be having a commitment issue today. lol.

marialuisa Fri 14-Nov-03 13:42:04

Actually M2T I'm getting suspicious, he bought me posh dress for a wedding we're going to in December (think it's in your neck of the woods, aren't you in Glasgow?) and now went to mothercare and got a buggy all on his own. Really out of character!! He's very proud because he got the ex-display model for half-price.

M2T Fri 14-Nov-03 13:49:18

Do you live in Scotland ML??

I work in Glasgow, but I live about 30 miles East. Where in Glasgow is it? And when? We could maybe organise a meetup with a few other Scots MN'tters.

I've never been to a meetup yet they all seem to happen in London. Or too far away for me to get to..

Don't be paranoid... lol... he got the exdisplay one... it was a male triumph over consumerism!

evian Fri 14-Nov-03 16:51:30


we have a maclaren techno xt from kiddicare £99.99 included delivery - £150.00 from mothercare - it is fab my DS is 20months but a very very tall one - helooks about 3 and it sit him very comfortably and it lies down to

marialuisa Fri 14-Nov-03 17:44:59

No M2T, I'm in merseyside. DD's godfather is getting married in Ayr just before Xmas, DD bridesmaid, Dh is best man. Hence DH got me the posh frock, so I don't let the side down!

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