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'Who's the daddy?' t shirt

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popsycal Mon 10-Nov-03 20:28:02

Any one know where i can buy a 'Who's the daddy! t shirt for *DH*
seen people walking round town wearing them.....or is it just where i live////?

Paula71 Mon 10-Nov-03 20:36:01

Burtons sold them for Fathers Day this year. I saw an ad but didn't realise it was just for Fathers Day so missed out.

May just email them to ask if they will be doing them again.

popsycal Mon 10-Nov-03 20:40:21

i may too!
that a good idea!!

Katherine Tue 11-Nov-03 12:19:20

Yeah it was Burtons - its "I'm the daddy".
We got one this year. One year I had the scan photo put on a t-shirt for daddy too which was pretty cool - then pinched it and wore it myself when pg with no2

bobsmum Tue 11-Nov-03 12:25:56

Nappyhead do cool T shirts for babies and adults. I think you can create your own if that helps.

ThomCat Tue 11-Nov-03 12:38:12

Wicked Bobsmum - well don. Loving the who's the daddy one and will purchase as soon as I can find my bloody switch card - nice one - xx

popsycal Tue 11-Nov-03 21:18:02

emailed burtons and they said i had to go to shop and they would serach etc etc
nappyhead is great - will order!

Spod Tue 11-Nov-03 22:01:49

'Daddy Cool' do t-shirts etc too:

popsycal Thu 13-Nov-03 20:20:11

argh - ordered t shirt from daddy cool then found it here at a cheaper price

popsycal Thu 13-Nov-03 20:22:21

argh - ordered t shirt from daddy cool then found it here at a cheaper price

popsycal Sat 15-Nov-03 10:46:25

right folks
got the t shirt this morning..
well would have actually got it yesterday but dh assumed it was an xmas pressie for ds and put it with the envelope with the other pressies without opening it or telling me,,
its actually better than it looks on the website
its actuaklly more of a khaki green than the bright pea green on the website!
thanks to those who located it
hope dh likes it

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