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High prescription glasses wearers - is it impossible to find thin light lenses?

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spikemomma Sun 11-Dec-11 22:23:47

I'm so fed up. Finally got some new glasses and they are so thick and heavy on my nose. I'm short sighted with a prescription of -5.5 and -6.0.

I chose glass lenses to get them as thin as possible, but, they are too heavy and still thick. Sigh.

I have some old ones (a good 7/8 years old) which have the same prescription, but are much lighter thinner lenses, they are great, but the lense coating has gone on them. Apparently they don't make those lenses anymore, for whatever reason.

I'm just fed up, that I can't find really thin lenses, I don't understand why they used to do them but don't anymore. Ideally, I'd just get new lenses put in my old frames and be done. (even though that costs more!).

Do you have the same problem, or have you managed to find a solution? I wear contacts during the day but still need glasses for afternoon/evening.

I'm so fed up. :0(

KatyMac Mon 12-Dec-11 20:44:37

I go to a private optician & I get very ultra thin lenses; they do 2 sorts a cheap plastic (about £80) & an expensive glass (about £270)

Prices approximate

Catsdontcare Mon 12-Dec-11 20:46:26

I usually Pay an extra £200 on top off the frame and lense price to have mine thinned.

CMOTdibbler Mon 12-Dec-11 20:49:22

I have ultra high index lenses - if I don't, my lenses cut my face as the edge is so thick. They cost mucho ££££, but worth it

Shallishanti Mon 12-Dec-11 20:53:11

me too, vv expensive
was also advised to get frames with small lenses, same curvature (=strength) but not so thick at the edge
but most of the time I wear contact lenses, have you tried them?

SkiBumMum Mon 12-Dec-11 20:55:06

Book yourself a trip to Hong kong or Thailand. The technology is much advanced and the glasses much cheaper!

Grumpla Mon 12-Dec-11 20:55:44

I'm about a -9.5 and I find that the best bet is going for the smallest frames possible as well as having them thinned, as the wider the lenses the thicker they get at the edges.

In my small frames I can get mine down to about 4mm thick with thinning. It really is worth finding a really good optician to advise you on the most flattering frames possible.

NewBikeForChristmas Mon 12-Dec-11 21:01:54

I'm -8/-6.5 and get high index ultra thin lenses from Specsavers (although they aare franchises and every branch is different) usually pay a good £150+ on top of standard price. Also second getting small frames.

OnTheBen10DaysofChristmas Mon 12-Dec-11 21:01:59

I'm -15 and wear 1.9 high index glass lenses. Get them from Asda opticians and they don't charge you a stupid price. I paid £90 for 2 pairs minus complex lens voucher = £77. It is always around £500-600 in Dolland and Aitchison grin

OnTheBen10DaysofChristmas Mon 12-Dec-11 21:04:31

[[ 2 for £99 at the moment]]

OnTheBen10DaysofChristmas Mon 12-Dec-11 21:05:03

yah [[ ]] two for £99

OnTheBen10DaysofChristmas Mon 12-Dec-11 21:05:29

give up

spikemomma Fri 16-Dec-11 22:45:37

Thanks for your responses. Ok, if you have the ultra thins and if you have a similar prescription to mine: -5.25 and -6, how thick are your lenses and do they feel heavy?

I asked for the thinnest lenses, mine are glass as they said they'd be thinnest, but they are much heavier and thicker than my other old ones. Are your ultra thins glass or plastic?

RedBlanket Fri 16-Dec-11 22:50:19

Mine are ultra thin plastic from Specsavers
I haven't has glass ones for years, I didn't think you could still get them

The Asda link ^ looks like a good price.

nailak Fri 16-Dec-11 22:51:57

My prescription is worse than yours, but specsavers $90 works, with small rectangle, half rim frames. They are glass.

nailak Fri 16-Dec-11 22:52:17

Or maybe not

RueDeWakening Fri 16-Dec-11 23:01:26

I got my glasses from here, they were very good and arrived pretty quickly too. It worked out at £70 or so for frames with high index lenses plus anti-glare and anti-scratch at (almost exactly) your prescription plus a correction for astigmatism. My lenses are about 3mm thick and plastic, so they're lighter. Plastic means they can't be as thin though.

Getting them from my optician, it would cost c£500. Specsavers want about the same price too.

marriednotdead Fri 16-Dec-11 23:23:37

DH has a complex prescription and the weight of his glass lenses used to mark/scar his nose. A couple of years ago he got Zeiss lenses which were super thin plastic- they were less than half the thickness and it cost about £400 at Specsavers at the time.

His eyes have got worse but SS now do non branded lenses equivalent to the Zeiss ones and we paid about £200 this time, with a pair of reading glasses included too. They advised him not to get glass because of the weight.

WipsGlitter Fri 16-Dec-11 23:27:10

I am -9.5 and got plastic lenses. Amazing. So light and fairly thin. They were £350 but that included mui mui frames.

muddysnowballsthenativitycow Fri 16-Dec-11 23:31:20

OH ( varifocals, rimless glasses) used to use specsavers and it would cost him £390 +.
Now he uses ASDA, and all in it costs him £150-£165.
His new ones are rimless, and very light to wear.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 16-Dec-11 23:33:03

i may be able to help - i did 10 years in eyes prior to the current job

your frame choice is key

if you are a minus lens then the thickest part of your lens is the edge.

you firstly need to go for the thinnest lens you can afford - a 1.7 is the best plastic lens to opt for.

kodak do a fab thin and light lens of 1.7 index.

thel thinnest is a 1.9 by zeiss but its glass - heavier and i think you will get great results with the 1.7 IF YOU CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRAME

this is paramount and a good dispensing optician can help you

you frame should fit you well - your eyes need to be CENTRAL in the frame

a soft roundish shape will get the best result for your lens. the thinnest part of the blank is the middle in a minus lens so if you opt for a roundish (i say ISH - i know most trendy frames are square) but the harder the edge the more of the thick part of the lens you will need

you need to see a GOOD optician
i have dispensed a minus -11 lens and got an absolutely fantastic result because of the frame choice - the measurements matter - where your eye sits matters.

you are not that short sighted that you cant get a good result - trust me.

see a person who knows their stuff.

Tikketyboo Fri 16-Dec-11 23:46:14

Hi i work for specsavers frame choice is very important the smaller the frame (width ways) the smaller the lens needed so lighter they will be high index 1.74 should be fine for that prescription, Get a good optical assistant and ask them to help you find a frame that will enable the lenses to be ordered in a small blank size this will reduce edge thickness and weight get them to ring the manufacturer and ask what centre and edge thickness the lenses will have (approximatly) if your not happy with the product you have recieved take it back and ask them to change it most places will do this, good luck smile

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 16-Dec-11 23:50:28

tikkety - for a minus lens the blank size doesnt matter much ( i used to work as a dispensing assistant and also in the glazing lab,)

blank size matters more for a + lens than a -.

but frame choice is absolutely key, more so for a minus than a plus.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 16-Dec-11 23:55:13

wtf am i on about....see - ive been out of eyes for a year and i talk bollocks....yes it does matter, sorry tikkety

the higher the blank the thicker the edge. so absolutely the blank matters, the frame choice will be key (as i said before)

i am losing it....

spikemomma Sat 17-Dec-11 16:58:13

Thank you so much for taking the time out to help me- I really can't thank you enough.

At least now I have a much better idea of what to ask for next time. Just wish i'd have known your wisdom before I forked out nearly £300 for glasses which are too heavy to wear. :0(

I think you lot are brilliant! Thankyou.

Ps. If anyone else has any links/advise- keep posting, as I'm determined to find a better service. X

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