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Playmobil airport and plane - Any one got them?

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lorne Thu 06-Nov-03 20:22:16

My ds who will be 4.4 by Christmas wants the palymobil airport and areoplane. I think it will be over 100 for both so was wondering if any of you know anybody that has it and what do they think? I think it is alot of money for 2 items but he goes on about it all the time



whymummy Thu 06-Nov-03 21:00:28

hi lorne,we don't have the airport or plane but have lots of things from playmobil,castle,pirate ship and viking ship and they're brilliant,the quality and details are excelent and they last for ever,well worth the money

Gem13 Thu 06-Nov-03 21:54:29

Lorne - there's a fantastic looking set on eBay. Used but more than the 2 items - worth a look. Type in Playmobil and airport and it should come up. Still 5 days left though and it's currently £92

soyabean Thu 06-Nov-03 22:10:53

Hi Lorne We havent got these particular ones but Playmobil in general is great and the more you have the more fun it is. dd (8) still plays with it, esp at friends' houses as they have more than us. Could be a worthwhile investment!

jmg Thu 06-Nov-03 22:23:38

My ds who is 3.5 has both the airport and the plane. The airport has lots of bits and is fiddly to put together so my dh and him have to build it together - the plane is easier to put together and do he can do this himself.

He absolutely loves these toys they, along with the playmobile pirate ship, are played with on a daily basis. I can see them lasting well as with time I'm sure he will be able to put the airport together himself which will extend his interest more.

If you do buy your ds this then I recommend asking other people in your family to get him some of the accessories - e.g. the taxi or the baggage trolley. They add quite a bit to the play value.

I like playmobile so much that my ds is getting the big castle set for christmas this year!

lorne Thu 06-Nov-03 22:33:57

Thanks you all for your replies. I have decided I will get the airport and aeroplane for Christmas. We have the boat already and the helicopter and he does play with them alot so I am sure the airport etc will be great too.

Thanks again.

P.S Will have a look on Ebay as well. Cheers


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