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Zurg - Anyone know where I can buy one?

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Anibani Mon 05-Nov-01 13:55:17

The son of a friend of mine has said the one thing he wants for Christmas is a Zurg (from Toy Story 2) - doesn't matter exactly what Zurg it is but he desparately wants one.

Apparently Argos did stock them but have now run our and they say they won't have any available before Christmas. Can anyone advise? I've been telling my friends how great Mumsnet is - so here's your chance to prove what a fab group you all are!!

Rhiannon Mon 05-Nov-01 14:50:47

Anibani, did you just try the local Argos branch, or phone their central no? They might have one.

What about the Disney store? or Woolies?

Hmonty Mon 05-Nov-01 14:56:14

We had exactly the same problem last year. Promised our son a zurg and then couldn't find one anywhere....In the end we used an auction website and picked up two zurgs! They were just the mcdonalds ones but he was so pleased. And only cost us a few quid each. I'll check the web site and get back to you....

Hmonty Mon 05-Nov-01 15:00:49

It was

Good luck!

Mima Mon 05-Nov-01 20:58:37

Both the Harrods and Hamleys websites have a toy enquiry form which you can fill out and members of staff will search the shop for you. Does the Disney store not stock these?

Anibani Mon 05-Nov-01 21:54:47

Thanks Rhiannon, Hmonty and Mima for your speedy responses!

It was the local branch that my friend tried, but the assistant phoned round to several other stores, and none of them had any Zurgs. The local Disney stores didn't have any either. I had a look at the ebay site (thanks for the tip - I think that the site may come in handy in the future). I'll also pass on the tip about the Harrods and Hamleys websites.

Thanks again - here's hoping for a happy little boy on Christmas morning :).

Mima Tue 06-Nov-01 11:01:02

Did a quick search on google and found you a supplier of all different kinds of Zurgs in the USA, models, interactive etc. They will ship all over the world. E-mail is

Ariel Tue 06-Nov-01 11:49:36

Anibani.My son loves toy story and all the characters, it was his birthday recently and all he wanted was a Zurg,i found the Disney store had lots of stock,and also there is a toy shop called The Entertainer(im not sure how many stores there are or if you will have a store local to you) but they had lots in stock to and they were half price.Hope thats of some use to you!

Bugsy Tue 06-Nov-01 13:40:59

I can also confirm that a Disney store I recently popped into stocked Zurgs.
However, I also have a question. Does anyone out there know if Rolie Polie Olie merchandise is available anywhere? I've searched through the obvious options with no luck.
Any ideas?

Ems Tue 06-Nov-01 15:23:38

Dont know about that one Bugsy, have you tried contacting channel5.milkshake? They may help, I remember Bear merchanside took a while to come into the shops when it first came out.

My toddler is just recovering from chicken pox, he felt so grown up to have spots just like his big brother, and he when he saw RPO's spots this morning he thought it was great!

Anibani Tue 06-Nov-01 20:24:55

Mima, Ariel, Bugsy - Again, thanks for your help. Isn't Mumsnet such a useful & friendly site!

I've passed on all your advice to my friend, and I phoned The Entertainer (yes we do have one fairly locally), and they currently have 2 Zurgs in stock. They wouldn't reserve one, but hopefully my friend's dh will be able to pick one up in his lunch break tomorrow. If not, we'll try the other options. Sorry I can't help you Bugsy about Rolie Polie Olie - that's the first I've heard of them - but if I see anything I'll let you know!

Mima Wed 07-Nov-01 09:23:52

Rolie Poly Olie merchandise is available on (not All prices in dollars and they ship to the UK, I have bought from this site before.

Bugsy Thu 08-Nov-01 10:07:53

Brilliant Mima - I've used Amazon for books but never really bothered to check out their toys before.
Thank you.

Anibani Mon 12-Nov-01 22:07:31

Just a quick note to update you all on the original question. My friend managed to locate a Zurg from the Entertainer - so special thanks to Ariel. I've kept a note of all the websites suggested, as I'm sure they'll come in very handy in the future. Thanks everyone! :)

Ems Fri 18-Jan-02 17:44:41

My two are heavily into Toy Story at the mo, and I could remember the Zurg conversation here. We have a Buzz and at the moment Flik (from Bugs Life) is Zurg!

Found which is the website for The Entertainer toy shops (which I found out about on this thread), and its great, got Zurg in the sale £8 instead of £20. My bargain of the week!

Ailsa Fri 18-Jan-02 23:08:04

I think The Disney Store do him as well.

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