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non-annoying kids music????

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lauralou123 Mon 02-Jan-06 17:35:31

DS got a cd player for xmas, his dad has gone out and brought the most annoying nursery rhyme cd to go with it. It doesn't even have the right tunes!

Can anyone recommend a cd that won't force me to stamp on the cd player to make it stop?

Twiglett Mon 02-Jan-06 17:40:38

give him real music

kids' music just doesn't make sense to me

DS has always loved rock, soul, blues .. anything with a beat goes down well

his favourite under 2 disc was 70s disco

NannyL Mon 02-Jan-06 17:43:25

in the car in comprimise with my cahrges with Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat or a Disney CD (of which i have lots!)

also always have it on shuffel so at least you dont know for sure which sone is coming next!

TeddyRobinson Mon 02-Jan-06 17:43:29

Why don't you just use grown up music? I refuse to have nursery rhymes or other similar crap in the car or house - my kids love Keane (no choice!)

HappyNewFrannyandZooey Mon 02-Jan-06 17:43:36

All the Playsongs cds are lovely. They are sung by the voice of Madeleine from Bagpuss amongst others!

We also like things like "Hello Children Everywhere" which has traditional type songs like Puff the Magic Dragon and comic songs such as Right Said Fred.

WideWebWitch Mon 02-Jan-06 17:44:10

We don't have any childrens music in the house either, I can't stand it.

HappyNewFrannyandZooey Mon 02-Jan-06 17:45:54

Ooh, and the best of all is the Putumayo children's cd which is glorious for adults and children alike.

I actually disagree with people who are saying that children should not have their own music - yes children can enjoy adult's music but nobody would expect them to read adult's books all the time. Well-written children's music played in a proper and musical way can be enjoyable for any age group, in the same way a good children's book can.

Twiglett Mon 02-Jan-06 17:47:31

ooo .. name one kids' track that is worth listening to please

Twiglett Mon 02-Jan-06 17:48:51

actually I take that back

winnie the pooh songs are quite enjoyable

Up,down is a particular favourite of mine

(.. with a hearty, healthy appetite I'm a healthy happy Pooh)

IlanaK Mon 02-Jan-06 17:49:04

Oh yes - I have a whole list. I was just this moment adding them to my new ipod that I got at christmas! I used to spend a lot of time in the car when ds1 was little (now walk everywhere) so built up a collection of excellent cds for that reason. My favourite singer for children is Raffi (I think he is Canadian). My favourite of his is this one

We also have reggae for kids

I also like this that my sister sent us from the US link\{\A world of happiness}

I hope some of these help!

Hulababy Mon 02-Jan-06 17:59:15

DD enjoys her Disney CDs and the Pop Jr one. And then we have some story CDs too.

Yes, she also listens to my music at times too, but she has her own likes and dislikes. She loves most things pop (but proper pop IYSWIM) and anything she can dance and sing along too.

DDs Cd player is in her bedroom so I don';t generally listen to it all with her most of the time. She has her Cds up there and chooses what she wants when she wants. Only time I have her music on is in the car. But I now use my iPod in the car, which has mostly my CDs but some of hers too. I out it on shuffle so we get a selection of both. Seems quite fair that way.

Skribble Mon 02-Jan-06 23:00:11

My son wanted the one with the 3 boys, The Choir Boys. I thought it was the 80's rock band he wanted and the latest coldplay album.

DD got Now 62. They both have quite a few Disney story ones that have a book to follow too. Nursery ryme ones can be a bit hit and miss but ELC have a good selection including counting ines with my favourite 10 little Speckled frogs. I think because I am a nursery nurse I became immune many years ago and would much rather have a CD playing rhymes than have to sing them myself .

AllBuggiedOut Sun 08-Jan-06 23:39:25

We've got a fab cbeebies theme tunes one. Love it!

mummygow Sun 08-Jan-06 23:43:16

my dd got a pink cd player for xmas too and I got her the disney princess cd and dance party which had a bonus dvd to learn the moves to the songs - she 3 and loves dancing

Janh Sun 08-Jan-06 23:48:24

How about this set - we had a fab cassette of Tim Hart & Friends (inc Maddy Prior) when our kids were small, can't find an equivalent CD now but there is a Tim Hart track on this set (which is how I found it) and some other nice things too - if you ignore Pinky & Perky etc !

mazzystar Sun 08-Jan-06 23:48:26

there's another thread on this somewhere

but suggest proper music by proper bands but written for children
They might be giants "No!"
St Etienne "Up the Wooden Hill to Bedfordshire"

Janh Sun 08-Jan-06 23:50:33

We also had a Disney cassette with tunes like these

mummygow Sun 08-Jan-06 23:51:44

I love disney music - infact I love musicals

waterfalls Sun 08-Jan-06 23:53:46

Childrens singer 'Raffi' his stuff is really catchy I often put it on for the kids sp I can listen to it.

Janh Mon 09-Jan-06 00:09:38

We also had a couple of ELC tapes which the kids loved - things like

My bicycle has a bell
My bicycle has a bell
My bicycle has a bell
Two wheels two pedals and a saddle as well
As I ride along
You'll hear me singing my bicycle song!

It's easy to sneer at "kids' music" but actually, you know, they like it. Yes, they can appreciate "proper music" whether it's classical or popular or rock or folk, but they like silly songs with silly words too.

jmb1964 Mon 09-Jan-06 00:15:48

Has anyone else heard of Stephen Fischbacher - his stuff is written for kids, but is proper music. Some of the early stuff is overtly Christian which I realise is right off-putting for many, but more recent one (Build Up, These are our Emotions) are more general, tho' still on a theme of trying to do the right thing - better than it sounds, perhaps. dd1 wants to be a Fischy groupie when she grows up..

jmb1964 Mon 09-Jan-06 00:18:38

we also had a memeorable children's tape years ago that dh liked because it had some really good electric guitar solos on (apparently) It also had a song with the memorable line 'Put your finger in Foxy's hole', which was dangerously funny in the car the first few times

TambaTheDragonSlayer Mon 09-Jan-06 02:29:06

I quite like pop junior

bobbybobbobbingalong Mon 09-Jan-06 04:51:56

I don't know if Julie Wylie stuff is available in the UK, but it's very listenable to and stands several repeats. It manages to combine educational with fun and is all played and sung by people who know what they are doing.

MrsBadger Mon 09-Jan-06 10:12:35

We went to visit some friends at the weekend whose DS is deeply into Hi-Five.
They had the CD on and the songs are so damn catchy I now can't stop singing them... it's driving DH mad.
Altogether now: 'Jump jump Jack, jump over the skipping rope, arms out wide like you're walking on a tightrope...'

Think we'll stick to Busted (current in-car fave) - at least if you find yourself singing it in the street people just think you're uncool rather than utterly insane.

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