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Mattress for newborn

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Grommit Sun 02-Nov-03 16:00:39

Is there any reason why I can't use dd's moses basket mattress for new baby. I have washed the sponge side and wiped with Milton. I bought it new for dd1 and she opnly used it for about 10 weeks....

Hughsie Sun 02-Nov-03 16:22:10

I would say no - use it - it has only been in your family and you know its history. I have borrowed moses basket mattresses from friends and my sister where I know the history. they never get worn out and once washed - I dont see the problem with them. they dont provide brand new mattresses in hospitals do they???

SofiaAmes Sun 02-Nov-03 19:58:18

I reused ds's moses basket mattress for dd. It is a foam one, so I just stuck it in the washing machine.

lucy123 Sun 02-Nov-03 20:02:41

I did read somewhere that used matresses (and therefore moses baskets) are OK for subsequent siblings. Disn't say why - presumably because you know the history like Hughsie says (hasn't been kept in a damp room? don't know).

Unfortunatly can't for the life of me remember where I read it.

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