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Buying a bike on the net

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Theresa Thu 01-Nov-01 19:32:08

I know that this isn't really what Mumsnet is for, but everyone is so helpful I thought I'd be cheeky and give it a go! We're looking for a mountain bike for a 7 year old. Can anyone recommend any good sites?

Rhiannon Thu 01-Nov-01 23:30:51

Theresa, I just bought one from the local paper in the small ads. (I presume you want 2nd hand). Get the paper as soon as it comes out and be prepared to move quickly. We have just paid £35 for a £125 2 year old Raleigh. It's a good time of year to buy as everyone is upgrading for Christmas. R.

Robinw Fri 02-Nov-01 03:03:27

message withdrawn

Anniemo Fri 02-Nov-01 21:35:23

We have bought two bikes - one for my husband and one for my 10 yr old son from They have been very reliable, arrived on time and with no hassles - definitely worth a try - cheap if not a great selection.

Theresa Wed 07-Nov-01 10:44:45

Thanks for all of your replies. The websites are very interesting and we think we may have found what we want on the 'Sterlinghouse' one.

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