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How to remove security tags?

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Mo2 Tue 27-Dec-05 19:29:41

Grrr - DH bought a top from a Fat Face miles away from where we live, only to get it home to find it still has the security tag attached (big plastic ones with a metal stud through and ink inside...)

Not worth driving back just for this... went to our local Fat Face and they don;t use the same system...

Anyone know if there is a way to safely remove these at home?

IOTAnnenbaum Tue 27-Dec-05 19:31:28

get your local fatface to swap it and send the other one back for you

Janh Tue 27-Dec-05 19:31:49

Not for the ink ones, no - AFAIK if you try you get the ink all over the garment.

I think your local Fat Face should organise transport for it to and from the one where DH bought it - or else supply another - it wasn't your fault and you shouldn't be inconvenienced.

Gillian76 Tue 27-Dec-05 19:31:55

'Fraid not. I think it will be ruined if you attempt a DIY job. What a shame

harktheheraldAIMSMUMsings Tue 27-Dec-05 19:32:53

Oh this happened to me once too. Don't try to remove it yourself whatever you do, we tried to....the ink sure does stain and makes a huge mess.

You wouldn't be able to wear the top afterwards

Gillian76 Tue 27-Dec-05 19:32:53

I agree with the others though. they should sort it out for you!

pucca Tue 27-Dec-05 19:32:58

We had this, we bought dd some stuff from boots...GRR! we decided to try and get the tags off, as too far to go back even though we still had the receipt.
We did it by using a small hacksaw or you could use a VERY sharp knife (may work dont know), one hold the tag and the other to gently saw through the pin.

Dont blame me if if doesnt work for you though

NomDePlumPudding Tue 27-Dec-05 19:33:29

Mo2, I tried to do this with an outfit I bought for DD from Woolies when she was tiny. Only I didn't realise that there was ink inside. I completely wrecked a really cute little dungaree set. I'd go with Iota's suggestion

IlanaK Tue 27-Dec-05 19:40:51

This happened to us too. We got an outfit from Mothercare as a gift yesterday and it also has a tag still attahced. Luckily, we were given the reciept with it, so we will go back soon and swap it. It amazes me how they still have any stock if they can let people walk out with tags still on.

itsme Tue 27-Dec-05 20:14:04

Get a speaker magnet and hold it over the silver button bit. Might demagnatise it which is often how the store ones are removed.

Mercy Tue 27-Dec-05 20:20:00

How do you know it's got ink inside??

My mum had this with a t-shirt ffrom Mothercare in the summer. Didn't seem worth it at the time as it was reduced to £2.50.However I was determined to remove the tag, which I did with the aid of a pair of pliers/gripper type thing.

Or return it as others have said

MerlinsBeard Tue 27-Dec-05 20:32:28

there are lts of different tags (i know, i used to wrok i shop will ALL kinds) some need something inserted inside, some can be demagnetised amnd some have ink inside. Best thing to do is tale the receipt to ur local fat face with the garment. They should b happy to swap it for same thing(if its in stock) and if not then i would demand a manager

mogwai Tue 27-Dec-05 20:57:31

The red tags in Boots (Osh Kosh and other baby stuff) have red ink inside

jac34 Tue 27-Dec-05 21:33:57

Mothercare is very bad for this, it's happened to me three times there.
The annoying thing is I shop there so infrequently these days I keep forgeting to check before I leave the shop.

Skribble Tue 27-Dec-05 21:44:19

Unless you have access to a fairly strong magnet you are going to make a mess. None dye ones can sometimes be fooled with a bit of a wiggle.

If you have the receipt the local branch have no reason not to exchange and sort it out in house.

You could try looking for a local shop with the same system, but be careful about how you approach staff as this could be seen as a scam. Best go back to local Fat face and demand exchange.

Skribble Tue 27-Dec-05 21:44:47

I meant non-dye.

jenkel Wed 28-Dec-05 19:31:47

Funnily enough I read this thread this morning, went out and bought a coat today from New Look, came home and found the security tag still attached. DH and I very carefully sawed it off. Its so annoying, Mothercare is always doing it to me, I should really remember to checik. Once when Mothercare done it to me, the sales staff told me that the security pillars that should be activated when you walk out the shop dont actually work. Worst invention ever.....

Mo2 Wed 28-Dec-05 21:43:56

Quick update - all sorted - took it to a different branch of Fat Face only to find that they didn't use the tags either! HOWEVER all credit to them because the shop assistant said 'wait a moment' and then rushed off, only to come back a few minutes later with the item MINUS the tag (hurrah!). It turns out that she'd been to a different shop nearby which uses the same tags and got them to take it off for her!

cstcst Tue 30-Nov-10 06:43:31

Look at security tags and loss prevention

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