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ELC click clack track - vehicles gone missing......HELP!

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MUMBOjingleJUMbells Tue 27-Dec-05 16:57:21

OK this is a longshot!
DS2 (2 years old) got an Early Learning Centre Click Clack track for Christmas which he absolutely loves. Only problem is that 3 out of the 4 wooden vehicles have completely vanished. Not sure if ds2 wandered off with them or ds1 had something to do with it. DH and I have turned the house upside down in the vain hope that they turn up - no joy so far. Does anyone have any of the vehicles that they don't need or I could buy? I've just emailed ELC customer services to see if they can help. Next stop for searching is the rubbish bin for Christmas day (really not looking forward to that!).

Kaysleighbells Tue 27-Dec-05 17:07:34

Our click clack track has long gone but we still seem to have at least one of the cars. Have just found a red one in the box of cars that ds2 owns. If you CAT me it's yours !

(Just to be sure it's the right thing - the car body is red wood with a little wooden head on top in the middle, 4 black wheels and a metal stud thing at frot and back)

ALMOSTANewyearANGEL Tue 27-Dec-05 17:52:03

under the sofa?

santabops Tue 27-Dec-05 18:02:01

ime they turn up eventually

Pinotmum Tue 27-Dec-05 18:09:12

Bet they turn up - I foudn ds's stuck inside the speakers to the Hi-fi? Never worked out why he thought that was a good idea!

MUMBOjingleJUMbells Tue 27-Dec-05 18:45:10

Thank you to all that replied.....

Found one in the dining room......

Then dh checked the box that the click clack track came in........

ready to go into the bin......

and there were the other two cars.....
I'm sooo embarrassed, but also relieved!
Hadn't summoned up the energy to go through the bin outside anyway!
Now ds1 and ds2 and dh are all sitting playing with the toy and peace is restored!
Thanks again.

Kaysleighbells Tue 27-Dec-05 19:28:18


You are still welcome to the red one if you would like a spare. Cat me your address and i'll stick it in the post. Beieve me ds2 will not miss one car !

GreyWhites Sun 08-Sep-13 13:46:33

I'm reanimating this thread in the hope I can find some spare click clack cars. My sister in law gave me the track and we have one car but more would be nice if anyone happens to have any kicking around?

changshaaini Wed 01-Feb-17 19:35:52

This is an old thread, but I'm on the hunt for some click clack cars! My mum bought a track from the charity shop and when she opened it up there were no cars sad I've emailed the company, but no response yet.x

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