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Huggababy Sling

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Beccarollo Wed 29-Oct-03 20:01:13


My huggababy sling came today but I cant work out how to wear it!! Does anyone have one that can give me some tips

Im not very bright

pupuce Wed 29-Oct-03 20:55:19

No but where is your husband?????

Beccarollo Wed 29-Oct-03 21:07:18

I dont have one! Have a DP though who is on the sofa watching football


Cha Fri 31-Oct-03 17:38:45

I got one and had the same problem. Both me and newborn ds got very hot and cross while fiddling around with it all, instructions in hand and granny trying to help. Horrid thing! I have lent it to a friend with a newborn and she is having the same problems. It does work for bigger kids - my 2 year old dd fitted very nicely into it when I put her in the hip position. But I am not going to be carrying her around, thank you. Bought it for clingy newborn who hates being put down - still carrying him about in my arms or in the Baby Bjorn.....

KMS Sat 01-Nov-03 13:55:36

trick is to tighten up fully all the way to the padding. then put it on with shoulder pad at back and rings on the shoulder. then tuck baby into pouch with head towards the rings and padding either side of baby. as baby gets bigger put in with head on top padding and bottom on the lower padding. May need to support baby at first and rock until they get used to it then gradually let the sling take the weight until you have let go. You can also use it to support them on your shoulder with a bit of playing with it you can pretty much get it to hold them in any position.

Hope that makes sence! They do have a web site here with an email address so they can answer questions you have. HTH good luck do persevere as I found it a god send.

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