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Board games for Christmas ????

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ANGELMOTHER Wed 29-Oct-03 16:51:52

I am loathe to allow too much tv over the Christmas holiday but we are likely to have a quiet one.
Anyhow there was always a good tradition of card games and board games in my family at Christmas and I wanted to start the tradition for ourselves.
Dd1 will be 4 at Christmas and other than Buckaroo which I don't want to spend playing too long, I can't think of any others suitable by age...any suggestions ?

Twinkie Wed 29-Oct-03 16:53:46

Message withdrawn

candy Wed 29-Oct-03 20:01:57

We've got a game called Which Pet from Marks and Spencers which is a bit like Guess Who - everyone who comes, from 4 yr olds to grannies, seems to enjoy playing it cos u get to wear a silly hat.

hewlettsdaughter Wed 29-Oct-03 20:03:28

I've bought Hungry Hippos for my ds (4).

kayleigh Wed 29-Oct-03 20:07:17

There is a great game by Orchard Toys called Tummy Ache that my boys 5 and 2.5 both love playing. Age range on box says 3-10.

Loobie Wed 29-Oct-03 20:10:51

Can i second guess who and pop up pirate,my two loved them and played them so much they were worn out , guess who is being replaced this year.

Bossanova Wed 29-Oct-03 20:18:04

We've got a nice game of Snap! from the Early Learning Centre, which is also good for playing the pairs memory game.

Also Leapfrogs(?) where you have to catch frogs that pop up off a slow turning pond, was quite popular with dd when she was around this age.

Also Puppy Racers, which like Hungry Hippos is quite noisy and frantic!

Hope hewlettsdaughter has bought earplugs.

hewlettsdaughter Wed 29-Oct-03 20:45:13

eek! is it that bad?

kmg1 Wed 29-Oct-03 20:46:55

My two started playing Junior Monopoly at this age - it is easier than you think (and short!) Also Frustration is good.

Orchard Toys do some great simpler games - Bus Stop Game was a favourite here. Our other two fave Orchard Toys games are Spotty Dog and Quack Quack, (these are card games, and loosely based on the game 'memory'.

Personally I hate Hungry Hippos - it's very noisy, and the boys don't actually enjoy it that much; They don't play for long. Also Kerplunk takes ages to set up, and isn't that much fun when you get there. DS1 (6) likes Guess Who, but DS2 (4) can't play it on his own - he makes a mistake and then ends up with the wrong answer. But he can do it with help.

Sorry - not meaning to rubbish other people's suggestions, just to put another point of view. We play games a lot in this house, and some are more popular than others.

kmg1 Wed 29-Oct-03 20:47:18

Hewlettsdaughter - yes it is.

JanHR Wed 29-Oct-03 20:54:10

Spirit Games in Burton do games for all ages. The website is here

RockingRosebud Wed 29-Oct-03 20:58:08

Memory games are always good and adults enjoy them too and little ones tend to be really good at it. I did notice a Disney Princess pairs game in Toys R Us yesterday. At the very end of the row that has the board games (that's if all stores are laid out the same).

My DD also likes Frustration.

janh Wed 29-Oct-03 21:20:24

We have a lovely, very PC game called Snail's Pace Race - there are 6 coloured snails and 2 dice with coloured sides, first snail home wins and unless you have your "own" snail nobody loses. (You could make it more exciting for the adults by betting on the side!) It's a Ravensburger game, they're usually good.

We love Uno too but 4 may be a bit young for it - you sometimes end up with a big wodge of cards to hold.

LIZS Wed 29-Oct-03 21:53:38

ds (5.5) loved Spotty Dogs too ! Also variations on Dominoes, Elc Shopping game, Elc Jitterbugs (noisy), Pop Up Pooh, Ravensburger Pack of Cards (we have Monsters inc, Thomas the Tank engine and Thunderbirds)with which you can play Snap , Memory etc, Snakes and Ladders (we have a puzzle version by Ravensburger that you have to put together first), Guess Who.

We've just got him Battleships. I'm currently on the look out for the junior version of Labyrinth, of which he loved the full sized version when we visited Ravensburger theme park in Germany and he would like Operation for Christmas.

hewlettsdaughter Wed 29-Oct-03 21:59:10

Another vote for Orchard Toys - ds has Insey Winsey Spider and the shopping game. Snakes and ladders is a hit too.
Starting to worry about Hungry Hippos....

hewlettsdaughter Wed 29-Oct-03 22:00:48

Ooh, and ds likes Jenga (you know, the one with blocks where you have to pull one out without making them all fall down).

mieow Wed 29-Oct-03 22:07:31

My Ds like Snakes and ladders, he is 5

kmg1 Wed 29-Oct-03 22:10:52

Definitely worry about HH

kmg1 Wed 29-Oct-03 22:11:19

The good news is if you play with it enthusiastically enough, it does break

Twink Wed 29-Oct-03 22:14:15

Another vote for Orchard Toys stuff, dd's favourites are Knickerbocker Glory, Shopping game and Tell the Time (lotto style). Others include the DK domino game and bog-standard Snakes & Ladders.

We've got an Usbourne A-Z lotto game and I was horrified to discover a spelling mistake, if these games are designed to help our little darlings surely proof-reading is essential !
Particularly for me (Tech please can we have a spell check as part of 'preview message' ?)

Linnet Wed 29-Oct-03 22:15:23

My daughter has Jenga and she loves it, well it's actually mine but she's claimed it as her own. She got Hungry Hippos a few years ago for christmas and I hate that game because of the noise it makes.

She also has pop up pooh, buckaroo, guess who and this year she's asked for Mouse Trap. Connect 4 could be good to help with counting skills.

SueW Thu 30-Oct-03 08:52:06

kmg1 - definitely agree about hungry hippos and ker-plunk. I loathed the short time they were in the house.

We play Junior Monopoly quite often with DD (6yo). We have also played card games with her since she was 3-4yo such as poker! In all the travelling we did, I found it essential to carry a standard pack of cards and a pack of Blues Clues cards. With these we could play all sorts of games and they took up very little room. Ideal now for doctors' waiting rooms, etc.

Enid Thu 30-Oct-03 09:03:43

Not for kids but Cranium is the best game I have ever played at Christmas and I highly recommend it - there is a kids version I think but for older children (7+)

miggy Thu 30-Oct-03 09:30:12

The junior cadoo is great and fine for 6 up or younger if you help with the reading bits.
Candy land is great- no reading involved fine for 4yrs
agree with kmg1-kerplunk is a nightmare, takes parent ages to set up and game lasts about 5mins.
My first scrabble/junior scrabble are good and dont have to be able to read.
Junior Uno versions are available-winnie the pooh/rugrats etc and mine really enjoy that and normal uno, great for travelling.
I hate mousetrap but kids love it, have bought them "rumble in the jungle" for this christmas which is a similar type game.
Old fashioned games like beetle drive are fun for all ages too, kids love drawing the beetles and even children too young to know numbers well seem to quickly get to grips with the pattern of dots on the dice.

maryz Thu 30-Oct-03 20:43:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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