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Mobile Phone - doh - can't get my head round it - help please

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chocolateshoes Sat 22-Oct-11 16:56:01

DH has just broken his mobile. It was a cheap pay monthly (£5 per month) handset on Orange. We used it mainly for texting. Unfortunately it was on a long contract and is going to cost £65 to break and up grade. Could we not buy a pay as you go pnone and put the old sim card in and then continue on the same contract without notifying Orange or am I missing something. Am so clueless at this kind of thing!

ilove Sat 22-Oct-11 17:13:36

You can buy any Orange PAYG handset and put your sim in it yes. I do it all the time.

chocolateshoes Sat 22-Oct-11 18:24:23

cheers - tight need to do that tomorrow. Thanks Ilove!

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