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Pictionary or Cranium Cadoo

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notlob Tue 28-Oct-03 16:19:07

I went out to buy Pictionary (jnr) & couldn't believe it was £15, another fiver & I could buy Cranium Cadoo.
Has anyone got one/both.
Which would you recommend. It's for dd & she's 7, also have ds -4- could he join in with either.

notlob Tue 28-Oct-03 18:57:12

Ia asked this queation this afternoon but no one came up with an answer... how about evening netters?

miggy Tue 28-Oct-03 22:01:38

My 3 are 10/6/4 we have pictionary junior and the junior version of cranium cadpoo.We can all play pictionary, using the lower age range cards but still fun for the 10yr old, does have limited appeal though ( with DD someone on the other team reads her the card ) plays on a "team" with me, some questions she can do fine and others I help/read the question). Mine all love it and always want several rounds- it is reasonably quick (always a bonus). Involves dough modelling/drawing/acting/finding things- all timed so no waiting forever for someone to answer. Def the better buy IMHO. I would say it is the game mine like the most of all the games we have.

miggy Tue 28-Oct-03 22:02:57

Sorry, lost some text there... "in Cadoo dd..plays on a team..."

miggy Tue 28-Oct-03 22:04:03

Sorry-must not post after 2 glasses wine-Cadoo not cadpoo

notlob Wed 29-Oct-03 08:55:23

Thanks Miggy ... we could but CC and play pictionary using paper & out charades for kids cards...I'd recommend that, one lot of cards has pics for the non-readers.

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