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apple body spray/perfume or something

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yestheyareallmine Sat 01-Oct-11 17:45:05

Hi all.
My DD 14 soon to be 15 really would like something that smells of apples, either a perfume or a body spray or even a shampoo.
Does anyone have any ideas? If it is really expensive but truely smells of apples its ok because christmas is on its way but something with an every day price would be great as well.
thank you smile

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 01-Oct-11 17:50:13

The Body Shop do an apple bath and shower gel.

For fragrance, my first though for something that smells literally of apples - rather than has appley notes - was Demeter. A really broad range, and they make fragrances for the self and for the home that mimic things, eg gin and tonic, bubble gum, or APPLE You don't really see it so much in UK anymore, but is still sold quite widely in US.

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 01-Oct-11 17:51:38

Oh, and a quick search for apple shampoo brings up a Billy Bargain - £1 in Tesco

ArmageddonOuttahere Sat 01-Oct-11 17:56:21

Was going to suggest Demeter - I used to spend ages sniffing their range in Liberty smile

I used to wear their Cucumber and XP used to wear Dirt (that should have told me something..)

hazeyjane Sat 01-Oct-11 18:00:53

Warning, that Apple shampoo from Tesco's smells rank (IMO)!

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