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Tell me about clip-on book lights

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franch Fri 23-Sep-11 09:32:28

I'm thinking of getting one for 7.5yo bookworm DD. She has a Bunky clip-on light on her top bunk and a rather dim bedside light beside the bottom bunk, but keeps switching bunks so might as well have something that can move with her.

Will a book light work ok for a 7yo? You don't have to keep shifting it when you turn pages do you?

Does anyone recommend a particular brand?


franch Fri 23-Sep-11 10:42:52


franch Fri 23-Sep-11 12:55:14

bump smile

babydust27 Fri 23-Sep-11 20:19:02

whsmith sell some nice ones for £6.99 they are from a company called IF and in some nice colours

franch Thu 29-Sep-11 10:39:12

Thanks for replying babydust! In the end I ordered a Mighty Bright light from Amazon, which works well and DD loves it. May try one of those cheaper ones for myself though, for when I want to read and DH wants to sleep. Do you have one?

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