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Nespresso coffee makers - are they any good?

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turnipvontrapp Mon 19-Sep-11 22:16:25

We tried one on holiday and DH liked them but are they rubbish compared to other coffee makers and are the capsule things expensive?

All advice gratefully received! brew

Florin Mon 19-Sep-11 22:26:33

My dh got one about a month ago and loves it, it's so quick and easy and very clean. Lots of different capsules to choose from. He gets the pods from selfridges but you can also buy them online. The pods work out at 39p each.

turnipvontrapp Mon 19-Sep-11 22:28:42

Do they cost 39p from selfridges or online? That;s the bit thats putting me off, mind you I suppose if you compare it to costa coffee then its cheap!

verysmellyeli Mon 19-Sep-11 22:31:28

I love love love our machine. Best investment ever. I use it everyday. It has enhanced my life (I am so shallow. I do not work for Nespresso) - I love having an espresso after a meal. And it has meant shopping for new china which I love.....

We bulk order the pods online, and they come and take the old ones away at the same time to recycle them.

My friend who owns a coffee shop says that unless you spend a LOT of money on a bean-to-cup machine (ie. more tha £500), you might as well get a Nespresso machine - great coffee, simple to use and easy to clean. Some restaurants use them! OK, rant over.

turnipvontrapp Mon 19-Sep-11 22:37:06

How much do you pay for your capsules verysmellly? Am tempted now.

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Sep-11 22:38:32

well apart from being made by nestle i'm sure they're fine wink

for absolutely proper lovely delicious coffee though all you need is a stove-top moka....

turnipvontrapp Mon 19-Sep-11 22:40:54

what's a stove-top moka please?

FrauLindor Mon 19-Sep-11 22:43:43

yes, yes, yes, yes. They are great.

You can only buy the capsules from Nespresso directly, so they always cost the same.

You can order them online or in a Nespresso boutique - I always do it online as the queues in our local boutique are horrendous.

The coffee is fantastic. Customer service very good. I believe that if your machine is broken, and you have to send it in for repair, they lend you a replacement.

We had had Nespresso for about 6 years now, on our second machine (because we wanted one that made cappuccino and latte machiatto)

smartyparts Mon 19-Sep-11 22:44:48

I bought my dh this one at Christmas. I don't drink coffee but he loves this machine and uses it every day.

All visitors rave about the coffee too. Not sure about capsule prices, but I think they're pretty cheap. He seems to order loads of different ones and they come v quickly.

verysmellyeli Mon 19-Sep-11 22:45:12

29 or 30p a capsule.

I have never got on with the stove top things despite being bought one and tutored in it's use by a gorgeous Italian (many moons ago before I lost my anti-Nestle morals in my middle class middle age........)

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Sep-11 22:46:40

one of these

smartyparts Mon 19-Sep-11 22:49:02

We've got 2 of those Moka thingies.

Covered in dust now Nespresso machine's here!

FrauLindor Mon 19-Sep-11 22:49:11

We have similar to this one

But noticed this one which I don't like as much, but I can see that they have improved the design in a practical way.

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Sep-11 22:54:21

if you must buy one, at least buy a non-nestle one! lol

FrauLindor Mon 19-Sep-11 22:57:14

they are all Nestlé. There is no escape.

Don't whatever you do go for the Tassimo one. The coffee is VILE.

We love our Nespresso and like to be able to make two different coffees one after the other very quickly, we usually have 5 or 6 different lots of capsules on the go at any one time. If we kept 5 or 6 different types of ground coffee they would go stale. We buy 200 at a time as postage is less that way, they always arrive within 48 hours and reordering is very easy. I reckon they cost about 27p each.

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Sep-11 23:00:25

don't think they are. lavazzo do capsules
and the phillips senseo used douwe egberts pods

FrauLindor Mon 19-Sep-11 23:01:22

There are other capsule systems, but only one Nespresso system.

thisisyesterday Mon 19-Sep-11 23:02:46

well there is only one nespresso which is the nestle capsule system yes

but there are other coffee machines with other brands of capsule.....

FrauLindor Mon 19-Sep-11 23:05:45

I tried them all, TIY. None of them were as good, imo, as Nespresso.

Lavazza hadn't brought out theirs at that time, so not sure about that.

The woman in the shop said that it was to do with the way in which the hot water is shot, under high pressure through the capsule. She said that it was similar to the professional machines, or the stovetop mocha makers, the coffee is not in contact with the water for long.

This means that the coffee does not taste bitter, and is easier on the stomach.

I am not on commission, honestly. Just love the product.

fivegomadindorset Mon 19-Sep-11 23:11:11

DH has a selection of the Moka coffee pots, we love them.

turnipvontrapp Mon 19-Sep-11 23:17:30

Wow, all these replies, thanks everyoone, and for the links too! Will have a look at which one I should get.

We like cappucinos and lattes, do you just add the nespresso to frothed milk if the machine doesn't do it?
blush (am a coffee machine virgin!)

Einsty Mon 19-Sep-11 23:22:46

I was totally dubious but am an utter convert now. There is no mess (worth the extra expense of buying the pods) and the coffee is delicious ... Lots of different strengths and very good customer service. Have now bought one for home (though we already have a different machine) after using one at work.

Chocamochalatte Mon 19-Sep-11 23:26:18

They are AMAZING!!! The best coffee ever!! And best of all.... Ours came with an Aerocino to make lattes and cappuccino! It's fab, you wouldn't regret getting one, but be prepared for lots more visitors grin

drowninginlaundry Mon 19-Sep-11 23:29:41

Yes they are great. Amazing coffee. I got one when DD was born, those purple capsules are good stuff - sleep became irrelevant, just as well as DD never slept....

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