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Climbing Frame?

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HyperTrace Mon 19-Sep-11 10:14:46

Hi Everyone! I wasn't really sure where to post this but i suppose here will do.

I've been looking to buy a climbing frame since the beginning of the year for my little ones and I've been undecided as there are SO many! Finally I settled on this one:

It arrived a few weeks ago and i cannot get get over how great it is! It's difficult to get DS and DD off it! I was a bit hesitant to buy after reading some reviews on the internet and I've always been cautious when spending money on the internet but I'm so glad i did now. They phoned me to arrange a delivery date that was convenient for me, not just them, and they answered any queries i had quickly.

Just thought i'd post in case any other parents out there were looking for a climbing frame or something similar and wanted a first hand review of what they were like. I think i'm going to purchase one of their other products now for a Home Gym!

Has anyone else ever purchased anything from them? Or any similar companies for that matter?

Orchid49 Thu 06-Oct-11 17:22:19

I ordered a cabin around a year ago now about a month after ordering one from a different company and receiving absolutely terrible service. The first i ordered came with parts missing, broken pieces, the customer service for the company was terrible.

What a difference in service and quality of product. The ordering process from DH was fantastic. The sales and after sales were great. The quality of the cabin is great and is still as strong now as it was a year ago.

I haven't had any experiences with their climbing frames yet, but I'm definitely thinking of doing so after my experience and reading this.

LWalshy Tue 11-Oct-11 15:33:30

I'm so happy i found this thread!

I've read numerous reviews on the web about Dunster House being a bad company with terrible customer service but I went ahead and ordered a climbing frame from them anyway because quite frankly the value for money is better than any other company I've found.

I've been meaning to write something good about them for a while on here now to let all the mums out there know that they're great!

I ordered one of their new range climbing frames (Or it was new when i ordered back in April), it was delivered on a day that suited me, the delivery driver was fantastic and polite and even gave a few tips to help when constructing it. We constructed it in just under a day and the kids love it!

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