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stocking stuffers for little girls

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hana Wed 22-Oct-03 17:52:06

there was a thread started recently about this, but it was for little boys. Some people getting thought I'd start this one for little girls only!
Here's what I'm planning for my dd age 2 and a bit.....

hair clips
socks, tights, panties
laceup buttons
smarties, raisins, oranges, etc
toothbrush, toothpaste
stickers, balloons

any other ideas for little girls out there?

codswallop Wed 22-Oct-03 17:53:30

that theread title sounds rude!

I have got my niece a barbie fake hair plait - its pink and natural - they come in dark or blonde - John Lewis £2 95

codswallop Wed 22-Oct-03 17:53:58

spray soap - tesco

CnR Wed 22-Oct-03 17:56:05

Our VERY girly 18 month old DD will get things like:

tiny babies and/or teddies
pretend food
tea set type of things for her and babies
crayons and painting stuff
farm animals/zoo animals
little story books
white chocolate buttons (milk are far too messy!)

And probably far too much of other thinsg people suggets here. I love buying pressies, especially now I have my own DD to buy for!

hana Wed 22-Oct-03 17:56:25

I don't get the rude bit, will have to put my 'dirty hat on....

codswallop Wed 22-Oct-03 18:14:45

stickers - they love em

tamum Wed 22-Oct-03 18:43:19

I got a box of dolls' house furniture, like the ELC ones, and took out individual bits of furniture for my dd's stocking last year.

Girly Wed 22-Oct-03 19:07:29

My dd (4) is heavily into Angelina Ballerina, so am going to get all the figures for her stocking, also stickers, the gliztier the better, fake jewellery and anything pink!

Tinker Wed 22-Oct-03 19:30:50

They're obsessed with stickers aren't they?

For older girls - 5+ - they can't get enough of notebooks, coloured gel pens, matching writing paper and envelopes, bobbles, stamper sets. Love buying all this stuff

marialuisa Wed 22-Oct-03 20:11:20

DD will be2.9 at Xmas. So far we have:

snap cards
doll's feeding set
doll's nappies
DK Nativity book
small plastic care bear
care bear crayons
doll's house nursery set
marbles (have lost most of the ones that came with marble run)
dressing-up "princess" shoes

No doubt the list will grow as I love shopping for her. We also have an ELC outlet store near us, which should save me money, but i just end up buying more because the stuff is so cheap!

handlemecarefully Thu 23-Oct-03 08:53:10

Just to add to other lists:
*Accessories for dolls
*Stuff for blowing bubbles (what's happened to my brain, I can't think of the right description)
*One of those snow storm things which you shake up - you can get nativity scenes, or Father Christmas and his reindeer this time of year

candy Thu 23-Oct-03 20:31:24

Any ideas for older girls (6 an 8) who have cupboards full of stationery stuff and boxes full of "beauty accessories"? Would it make more sense to buy one or two CDs instead and forget the little bits?

hana Sat 25-Oct-03 15:07:25

what about fancy socks, tights, panties?
Chocs, a book or two? Watch?
I think they'd still like to have lots of 'little' things in their socks!

candy Sat 25-Oct-03 19:58:56

Thanks Hana - will probably get all of them! I agree, it would be mean to not get all the "bits" wouldn't it.

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