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Any Viners out there?

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Whoamireally Thu 15-Sep-11 20:37:39

Any other MNers on Amazon Vine? This might not be the right place to ask but if you're hanging out anywhere, it's probably here.

I am peeved as I was so engrossed in the sleb thread I forgot tonight was Vine Night and missed the newsletter hmm Have I missed much?

sieglinde Thu 15-Sep-11 20:56:49

There are a lot of nonfiction books tonight. I have to do more reviews before I can order anything. Trouble is that I hated the last four books, finally said I couldn't finish one because it was so clumsy, and got flamed by the author and her family. Author was an established writer, too. Decided the whole thing was about unpaid puff writing. I'd resign if I knew how.

Whoamireally Thu 15-Sep-11 21:04:44

I think you can resign via your Account page. I hopped on just now, and got a well known annual restaurant review guide, and a book about the lives of Edwardian servants (which I'm actually interested in so quite pleased grin) There was an iron, but I was too late wink

sieglinde Fri 16-Sep-11 08:47:45

I like Edwardian servants, too. Looking forward to Downton Abbey this week. But I'm just struggling to finish the books I've got, and they are awful, really awful. I never get the appliances either. Does ANYONE here get the appliances? Do they even exist?

Whoamireally Sat 17-Sep-11 18:46:51

Yes - I've had 3 irons in the last 3 months, and missed a 4th because I was too late on this month wink We have quite a collection at home - but at least we are now iron experts!! I started getting them after I spent most of a night browsing them deliberately, and then adding a load of kitchen appliances to my Wishlist. We did need a new iron at the time. I have been banned from ordering any further irons though grin

Whoamireally Sat 17-Sep-11 18:47:58

Oh - and I ALMOST got a laser hair removal system but some bugger JUST beat me too it hmm

Whoamireally Sat 17-Sep-11 18:48:09


sieglinde Sun 18-Sep-11 11:21:23

Ok, I obviously need more time to devote to this. Perhaps I can simply post a review of one of my books saying how wonderful it was.... grin but I can't bring myself to do it.

elkiedee Mon 24-Oct-11 16:27:30

I thought I posted a message here earlier but it seems to have gone awol. Sorry you've had problem with nasty author - she didn't write a book about faeries did she? Write honest reviews - write a couple of sentences about why you didn't like the books.

I haven't had appliances but I did get two boxes of Duplo at the start, though normally I'm very happy with free for review books, and I've only had a couple I really didn't like. Actually, I missed an expensive digital camera because I was so excited about the Lego. I've had nasty comments on one of my reviews there.

Sieglinde, when you're back in credit, I suggest only choosing if there's something you really fancy reading (or using as appropriate if not a book).

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