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Ready to use liners for cake tins- where can I get hold of these?

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Scartette Thu 15-Sep-11 15:53:24

Thats it really. I do a lot of baking and cant find these anywhere. I believe they come in different sizes, packs of 10, 20 etc.

Pagwatch Thu 15-Sep-11 15:54:37


ilove Thu 15-Sep-11 15:55:49

Lakeland. Every size and shape. Packs of 100

Scartette Mon 19-Sep-11 19:55:58

Thanks Pag and ilove. Just the info I was looking for. Have spent last few days looking for this post- forgot where I posted it. Thought I put it in Housekeeping.

queenie53 Thu 22-Sep-11 00:21:02

I have a small cake making and decorating business and I have found a great way to line tins without cutting out paper each time. I go to the pound shops and buy packs of reusable non stick cooking liner sheets, the woven kind of material that the toaster bags are made from. I cut circles and squares to fit all my tins, then cut the remainder into strips for the sides. I lightly coat the sides of the tin with a tiny bit of oil to help the liners stick, then I use them over and over again. They last for ages and save so much time. After use they rinse clean in no time, I lay them on over the dishes on the dish rack to dry and store them with the tins for next time. Easy and cheap! And the cakes never, ever stick!

gailforcewind Fri 23-Sep-11 23:04:28

Thanks Queenie- super idea!Might try it -I've ordered some from Lakeland so I'll see how they go first. Thanks anyway!

Madlizzy Fri 23-Sep-11 23:07:34

there are reusable ones in aldi this week for £2.99

cat64 Fri 23-Sep-11 23:23:43

Message withdrawn

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