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Organised Mum diaries - leather covers

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Mirrorball Sun 11-Sep-11 11:20:53

Are they worth the extra expense - has anyone bought one - is the leather extra specially lovely? Diary £13, with leather - £60... can't quite justify it in my head but it seems I'm trying to!

sleepevader Sun 11-Sep-11 11:23:10

I got a seconds one- they are okay but add extra bulk,

I could never justify the leather ones at £60!!

CupcakeQueen Wed 14-Sep-11 20:03:47

I had the faux leather one last year and my toddler attacked it with a biro so waz very pleased not to have shelled out for a leather one - not that i would have done at that price

Loopymumsy Wed 14-Sep-11 21:31:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LaraCroft Thu 15-Sep-11 16:13:33

Sorry to hijack too.

Loopymumsy, just got my new diary today and have the same problem. At a squeeze and I really mean squeeze, I can just about close the cover but that is without a pen in the holder. That is also without any bits of paper which I always seem to collect along the way blush

I wonder if we are the only ones?

FootballFriendSays Thu 15-Sep-11 16:22:29

I expect the leather covers would look nice but I found my diary lasted well enough without the extra cover. Mind you, this time I'll go for a more 'professional' colour than pink. Turqoise I thbink is the only other option.

Does anyone know of any other products like this (diaries with many columns)? Thanks.

LaraCroft Thu 15-Sep-11 16:38:42

footballfriendsays, with Organised Mum products you don't really get an option with the colour of the actual diary. They have 3 diaries and the colour depends on the product.

Family Life Book Diary is pink.
Life Book Diary is light blue.
Pocket Life Diary is turqoise.

I too would be interested to see if there are any other similiar products out there.

In answer to the OP I personally don't think the cover is worth the money especially the leather cover as I thought the faux cover was expensive!

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