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babystyle oyster pushchair ok for 4-month old?

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LoobyLou33 Wed 31-Aug-11 15:25:09

i'm thinking of getting this travel system but it says the recline seat isn't suitable for children under 6 months... but my son doesn't like going in the pram much and fell happily asleep today in my friend's mclaren (reclined quite far back but not lie-flat).

Would anyone with the oyster say it's ok to use from before 6 months? I'm planning to buy the maxi cosi car seat to go with it after 4 months of having to put baby in a sling or carry him over my shoulder when popping to the shops!!

Also do you find it's easy to get the car seat in and out quickly?

Many thanks!

ledkr Fri 02-Sep-11 09:23:23

I have the carrycot and mostly use that,however i have used the buggy seat from about 4 months and she seems ok for short periods it doesnt go totally flat and is a bit rigid but if you lined it with say a sheepskin or liner it would be fine,mt dd is 7 months and is a bit of a sloucher btw (lazy)i am really pleased with it on the whole,love the sun canopy and extending hood and its nice and light too,the wheels come off really easily too. It doesnt fold very small,i take the set off and fold it in half then put the wheels in separately. I didnt have the carseat with it,but the carrycot/pushchair is extremely easy to get off and on.

LoobyLou33 Sun 04-Sep-11 20:02:38

Thanks Ledkr, very helpful advice! Guess I'll get a cosytoes or footmuff liner to make it more comfy, which I think most people use anyway. It would mostly be for shortish periods anyhow - he never sleeps that long!! Cheers x

ledkr Sun 04-Sep-11 22:30:09

The apron bit is nice and snuggly,but i am going to use a sheepskin behind her head and back in the winter,i love it tho and have just bought a tray for it as she is weaning.

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