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Winter coat time..... oof

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dovetail Wed 31-Aug-11 15:06:51

Hello everyone!

I'm thinking I need to get my ds (almost 3) a winter coat when she starts preschool and will be doing A LOT of playing outside. Can anyone give me a steer as to where to get a good coat from? She likes the puffy sort from Next (and I think they go in the wash!) but I was wondering if you can get one that is warm and waterpoof as well, so she can go out when it's raining/ snowing.... Am I just wishing for the moon on a stick?

AlmaMartyr Thu 01-Sep-11 11:36:59

I've bought Boden fleece-lined anoraks for mine which I quite like. DD used hers loads last year whatever the weather, seemed to keep her dry and warm (even in the snow).

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