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Toffee the Pony or Honey the Pony

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quail Tue 30-Aug-11 16:02:11

There are ads for Toffee the Pony all the time and dd is obsessed with him. We went to Toys R Us today to have a look. I noticed that Honey the Pony was cheaper and less horrendous looking, and it was out of the box, so I let dd give it a stroke. She said it was lovely and she wanted a Honey. But I found a netmum review that said Toffee is softer and Honey is noisy when he turns his head. I don't know whether to get her original choice (Toffee) if he is better or whether she really chose Honey or it was just me saying Honey was prettier. Does anyone have experience of both or either who can help me decide? Thanks

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