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mamas and papas rubix

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kellyandmaddie Tue 30-Aug-11 11:09:37

hi everyone does anyone have a ^ or anything similar? iv'e just sold my quinny buzz hated it creaking lol did my nut!! was beautiful tho lol but i'm looking at maybe getting a 2nd hand one of ebay? or an oyster? my lo is 9 months now but i still love her facing me smile can anyone recommend one? not too exp tho as my oh would go nuts!! he think's i should just use a stroller but i don't like it!! lol help please!

kelly x

Cookieaddict Sat 17-Sep-11 11:33:50

I love my rubix!! I've had it since birth using the bassinet first.
My little boy is 8.5 months & I still have the chair facing me.
It's a bit awkward to fold (you have to take the chair part off) but I hardly ever fold it so not really an issue for me.
I did manage to nearly chop off my thumb when folding it in the early days but was my own fault for not reading the instructions (if you buy it do not put fingers anywhere near when folding, it should all be done with feet!!)
It also fits a maxicosi car seat if you buy the adaptors.
Hope that helps!!

mumatron Sat 17-Sep-11 11:53:14

I love my Rubix too. DD is a big 8mo and she still has loads of room in it.

she usually faces me but it's so easy to change it I often swap her to forward facing when we're out.

cookie mine folds with the seat unit in place. try it with the seat reclined.

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