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Most effective black-outness ;) ?

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Pelvicflooragogo Tue 30-Aug-11 09:36:03

Having chosen some lovely fabric from kids curtain company (highly recommend) I'm now deliberating over what format of window covering to use. Have just removed ugly old pine curtain pole which used to have some cream dress curtains on the edges which helped with slight leaching of light round the edges of the black out blind. I had planned to just replace the rollerblind within the recess but as window is east-facing it's currently very bright in the room in the mornings and my DD and DS have never woken up earlier <yuk emoticon>.

So...options are?
1. Roller blind within recess
2. Roller blind above recess
3. Roman blind above
4. Curtains

...? Any thoughts? Doesn't have to be pitch black just a lot better than we have now! Have added a gro-anywhere to the window in the meantime but don't want to do this all the time ideally. (and yes I know it's getting darker but want to get it sorted for next spring/summer)


BirdyBedtime Tue 30-Aug-11 12:57:34

We had a problem with bright rooms when we moved from a house with Velux windows (for which you can get total blackout blinds from Velux) to one with huge windows - our bedroom one is 3 m wide. DH works night shift sometimes so for our room we invested in a hideously expensive but very worthwhile bespoke blackout blind which has side channels (although finding a company willing to do one 3 m wide was a challenge). It did though give us the inspiration to do similar in DCs rooms. So they have curtains with blackout lining, blackout lined roller blinds and then channels at the top/side made from 2inch 90 degree corner plastic lengths bought from B&Q (no idea of the real function of these) and glued to the recess walls and roof. We then used foam door seal (bought in rolls) to seal the edges. Some light still gets in but DSs room which is south facing is still pretty dark even when the sun is shining. It sounds obsessive but when you are used to a pitch black room it's necessary.

Pelvicflooragogo Tue 30-Aug-11 19:25:33

Thanks birdy not sure I'm looking for that level of darkness, just a bit less than my roller blind inside the window frame currently gives - whilst looking attractive...

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